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What is a Kangaroo Worth in Roblox Adopt Me? Full Trading Value Explained

How much are Kangaroos worth these days?
Roblox Adopt Me How Much is a Kangaroo Worth
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Roblox Adopt Me is currently the most popular game on the Roblox platform with nearly 30 billion all-time visits according to Statista. This game of adopting, taking care of, leveling up, and playing with numerous pets has grabbed the attention of many as it allows you to even meet others and create your own home.

Acquiring pets is mostly made through hatching different eggs or trading with other players. A lot of players invest much of their time, energy, and money to create unique and interesting pet collections. Since most eggs are temporarily available, some rare pets that come out of those become much more valuable when its egg becomes unavailable.

One of the most valuable and sought pet currently is the Kangaroo whose egg was available in 2020, so we wanted to dive in and see how much this pet is worth now.

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How Much is a Kangaroo Worth in Adopt Me?

When Aussie Egg came out in 2020 the price for it was 750 in-game bucks and it contained two legendary pets: Turtle and Kangaroo. The chances of getting any of the two legendaries were about 3% so the Kangaroo had even smaller chances than that. Some streamers mentioned that they opened more than 150 eggs and got only one Kangaroo.

Nevertheless, today the Kangaroo is even tougher to get since Aussie Egg is now past and you can get this cute jumping pet only by trading with others. Currently, for 1:1 trades we can say that Kangaroo is worth as much as a Crocodile and just a bit more than a Water Moon Bear. It can also be traded for 1 Turtle, but when it comes to a 1:2 trade you can expect to get two Strawberry Shortcake Bat Dragons for 1 Kangaroo.

Of course, quality will influence the value of different types of Kangaroos and other pets. So, for example, if you are trading a Neon or Mega Neon Kangaroo it will be worth more than a regular one. Pay attention to the quality of other pets in the trade offer as well because even though 1 Kangaroo is worth 1 Crocodile, if that Crocodile is Neon it’s not an equal trade anymore.

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