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What is the Destiny 2 Firepower Mod?

Grenades, grenades, grenades.
Destiny 2 Firepower Mod - Mod List.
Image via Bungie

The Destiny 2 Firepower mod is one of the strongest mods in the entire game – especially since the release of arc 3.0. Destiny 2‘s build crafting scene has never been better or more diverse, so you need access to high-quality mods now more than ever. The Firepower mod is one of those high-quality mods.

We’re going to go over what the Destiny 2 Firepower mod is, what it does, and how to get it. With a little bit of knowledge, you can harness the power of this mod to do some incredibly busted stuff.

Destiny 2 Firepower Mod – What it Does

Destiny 2 Duskfield Grenade.
Image via Bungie

Firepower is a combat-style mod. Its element is Solar and it costs four energy to equip it on your armor. 

When you have Firepower equipped, using your grenade while Charged with Light (CWL) will consume one stack of CWL, but will return 15% of your grenade energy. This effect can stack, so you can run multiple copies of the mod to return more energy.

With the right optimization, mods, and subclass setup, it’s possible to take advantage of Firepower for what amounts to infinite grenades. Both Warlocks and Titans have options like this, with Hunters being slightly less effective with the mod.

Destiny 2 Firepower Mod – How to Get it

Destiny 2 Firepower Mod - Ada-1.
Image via Bungie

To get the Firepower mod in Destiny 2, you need to purchase it from Ada-1 in the Tower Annex for 10,000 Glimmer. Ada only sells up to two combat-style mods per day, and the ones she’s selling rotate daily at reset time. There are a rather large number of mods that she can possibly sell, so getting Firepower comes completely down to luck.

Make sure you check in with Ada daily to see if she’s selling the Firepower mod or not. Even if she isn’t, make a point of buying any mods you don’t have, regardless. The bigger your mod collection, the more builds you have access to.

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