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Destiny 2 Zaouli’s Bane God Roll Guide

Fatebringer who?
Destiny 2 Zaouli's Bane god roll.
Screenshot by Gamer Journalist

There’s a new PvE hand cannon king in Destiny 2 – and it’s in the form of the Zaouli’s Bane god roll. In recent seasons, Fatebringer has been everybody’s go-to 140 RPM – it had good damage, range, and all the perks you could ever want on a god roll. This Zaouli’s Bane god roll makes Fatebringer look like a Nerf gun.

We’re going to break down this Destiny 2 Zaouli’s Bane god roll perk-by-perk, pointing out what makes this roll so good, and why you want it. It’ll take a while for you to get your hands on one, sure, but it’ll be worth it.

Destiny 2 Zaouli’s Bane God Roll

Destiny 2 Gunsmith.
Screenshot via D2Gunsmith

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s so good about this Zaouli’s Bane god roll. One look at it should tell you everything you need to know. All the same, we’ll run you through each of our perk choices and explain what makes them so great. Trust us, this is a weapon you do not want to miss.

  • Arrowhead Break
  • Accurized Rounds
  • Explosive Payload
  • Incandescent

On a typical hand cannon, your barrel and ammo perks tend to matter quite a bit. Hand cannons suffer from poor range, and you tend to spend those first two perk columns trying to make up for that. This Zaouli’s Bane god roll is far from a typical hand cannon, though.

Arrowhead Break is nice for the handling and recoil control, but both it and Accurized Rounds can be switched out in favor of something else. The reason we can afford to do this is because of Explosive Payload.

Explosive Payload is arguably mandatory on end-game PvE hand cannons. It makes your bullets explode, meaning no damage drop off – making range a meaningless stat on them. On top of that, these explosions are powerful and can kill quite a few ADs pretty handily. That’s nothing compared to what Incandescent can do, though.

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you know what Incandescent does. It’s a perk introduced to Destiny 2 in Season of the Haunted and quickly became one of, if not the best perk in the entire game. When you kill an enemy with an Incandescent weapon, it will spread Scorch stacks to nearby targets. When you reach 100 stacks on any opponent, they explode, spreading more stacks and igniting more explosions.

So, with a combination of Explosive Payload and Incandescent on this Zaouli’s Bane god roll – you’ve got a hand cannon with infinite range with explosive bullets, that also blows enemies up and spreads Scorch on each kill. This is the ultimate AD-clear gun, and there are no real contenders to it.

Prior to King’s Fall coming back to Destiny 2, Fatebringer was the best hand cannon in the game. It’s still great, but Zaouli’s Bane knocks it out of the water.

Do yourself a favor and try to get your hands on one of these. Do your weekly King’s Fall and spend your spoils on them – it’ll be worth it.

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