What is Duplication Glitch in Coral Island and Does it Still Work?

Double the coins, double the fun, or not?
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Coral Island is the game that could be best described as a Polynesian Stardew Valley. This game puts you on a tropical island where you meet various people and enjoy the activities. As in every life simulation, resources and tools are essential for advancement. Recently, players discovered an unusual glitch that helped them.

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What is The Duplication Glitch in Coral Island?

The duplication glitch is one of the well-known bugs in Coral Island. After they used tool enchanting in the giant village, players found their items duplicated. The doubled number of items seems like an unlimited money glitch because you would be able to sell all the duplicated items for money. Unfortunately, save for weapons, the items you get by the duplication glitch cannot be gotten rid of.

How to Use The Duplication Glitch?

At first glance, this duplication glitch seems to be rather troublesome. If you cannot get rid of your duplicated items, they are just taking up space for nothing, and you have to buy additional crates to put all those unwanted items in. However, there are ways to take advantage of this glitch. When you have two sets of tools, you can use one set while upgrading the other one.

For example, you can work with your primary tools to earn money to buy and refine gold. Then, you can use the refined gold to upgrade your tools to the gold version. Gold tools are very useful later in the game, and you can just store your default tool set in crates.

Can You Still Use Duplication Glitch?

The Hotfix v1-162 from November 22nd, 2023, fixed some duplication issues in the game. Now, you will not get the items duplication when upgrading the range. However, the duplication items glitch when refining your tools is still working. We would expect it to be fixed soon because a lot of players complain about it.

Duplication item is a pretty bothersome glitch, but you can use it to your advantage if you know how. For more related content try out our articles about How Do You Get Rid of Trash in Coral Island? or How to Make and Organize Storage Chests in Coral Island.

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