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All NPC Locations in Coral Island

Everyone has their favorite place to hangout.

There are 73 NPCs in total in Coral Island that you can meet, interact with, shop from, befriend, and even engage in a romantic relationship or marriage with 28 of them. We reveal to you the locations of all NPCs as well as their daily routine.

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NPC Locations Coral Island

Here is the list of all NPC characters in Coral Island, with a short description of who they are, what is their job, and where you can find them. We will divide them into Bachelorettes, Bachelors, and Townies.


  • Aaliyah spends her morning at the Lake where she trains. After that, she reads books at Raja’s Coffee Corner and then goes to the tavern. She is an ex-military pilot who returned to her hometown to live with her mother, Betty, and brother Noah. She is also related to her brother Frank and her sister-in-law Erika. Aaliyah
  • Alice (owner of Coral Inn) spends her days working at the register and in the lobby at the Coral Inn, and when she’s not at work, you can find her reading in front of the inn or hanging out with Noah outside the Community Center. She runs the Coral Inn alongside her twin sister, Suki.
  • Chaem plays volleyball in the morning with Aaliyah at the beach, where they later have lunch together. Afterward, she leaves on foot for the observatory, where she goes for dinner. Chaem is an athlete who is very dedicated to training and her volleyball career. She is very distrustful of people she doesn’t know.
  • Eva (Baker) enjoys morning hangouts in the square near the Community Center, afternoon book reading on the beach, and going back to the Inn where she resides. She works as a baker at Sam’s General Store. She is a friendly person who likes to talk with her fellow islanders.
  • Leah (Yoga Instructor) lives with her father, Randy, and her stepmother Ling in The Mansion, one of three original buildings on Coral Island. During the week, she goes in the morning to the Woodlands near the river, where she sits on the bench and reads books. Afterward, she goes home, where she watches TV before going to bed. She works as a weekend yoga instructor at the Community Center and takes her job seriously.
  • Lily lives with her father, Jim, and brother, Theo, at 2 Main Ave. She works remotely for a cybersecurity company, so she usually spends her days working from home and, after finishing the shift, leaves for the Abandoned Villa, where she spends the rest of the day. On the weekends, Lily loves visiting the Lake or the library.
  • Macy grew up on a nearby island and now lives at the Inn on Coral Island. In the morning, Macy goes to the beach to take pictures. When that is done, she moves to the spot near the Abandoned Villa and then to the Welcome sign at the beach to take selfies. After that, she goes to a tavern for dinner and then goes home to bed. She is a photographer who lives from selling images to a media company.
  • Millie (Librarian) owns the house in Garden Lane and rents a room to Yuri. In her free time, she goes birdwatching and occasionally helps the Mayor with organizing festivals. Her daily routine on workdays is to go to the Library in the morning, move to two more locations in the library during the day, and after that, she leaves the Community Center and goes home to sleep.
  • Nina is a former Coral Island resident, but she still visits her vacation home called Abandoned Villa at the beach from time to time. When she is there, in the morning, you can find her making breakfast in the kitchen, then at the beach, where she goes to sunbathe. From late afternoon until bedtime, Nina is a regular customer at the tavern.
  • Suki (Owner of Coral Inn) runs the Coral Inn with her twin sister, Alice. In the morning she usually goes shopping at Ben’s caravan, then works at the counter in the inn where she also cooks dinner and after that, goes to sleep. She is a divorcee and lives with her daughter, Valentina. She is a good friend of Nina and also hangs out with her former brothers-in-law Rafael and Pablo, as well as with her ex-husband Antonio.
  • Yuri (Doctor) goes in the morning to drink coffee in town before going to work in the clinic. After work, she likes to take a walk at the Lake, after which she goes home to bed. She works alongside Charles in the local clinic. She lives in Garden Lane and likes to play pool and chess.
  • Zarah is a free-spirited woman who lives on a boat docked at the beach. She loves going around the island and finding treasures. In the early morning, she leaves her boat to explore the forest, where she visits two spots. After the forest, she goes back to the boat to fish nearby, and when she’s done fishing, Zarah goes to sleep.


  • Ben (Merchant) sells random stuff. He is a nomad and lives in a caravan in the forest. He adores green tea, and the first thing he does in the morning is to stand outside his caravan and drink his favorite beverage. After he finishes the tea, Ben goes shopping at Sam’s and, after that, does tai-chi in front of the store. He usually goes to sleep around 8 pm.
  • Charles (Doctor) loves to have breakfast in the park near the Laboratory before he goes to work in the clinic. After work, he has lunch at the tavern and then goes home to sleep. Charles works in the local clinic alongside Yuri. He lives at 1 Main Ave with his housemate Scott. Besides Scott, Charles likes to hang out with Yuri and Millie.
  • Kenny (Rancher) lives with his parents in a cabin in the forest. He leaves home early in the morning to work on the Ranch and take care of the animals. Kenny loves having lunch breaks in the forest, where he goes near the creek. After work, he leaves home for dinner and then goes to bed. During the weekends, he likes to hang out at the tavern playing pool or at the blacksmith store. He is a native of Coral Island and a friend of many.
  • Luke (Owner of Socket Electronics) lives in the manor behind the vineyard with his parents and his dog. He usually goes to work at Socket Electronics in the morning, where he is until the afternoon. After that, he goes home to have dinner and then to sleep. In his free time, he is a frequent customer at the Beach Shack. His best friends are Ben and Pablo.
  • Mark is a member of the Band of Smiles, an adventurers guild active in Coral Island. He lives in Woodlands with Anne, Paul, and Zoe, right next to the Lake. In the late morning, Mark usually goes to stand outside the Community Center and then to Raja’s Coffee Corner for a coffee. Then he returns to the Community Center, where he hangs out until bedtime.
  • Noah (Owner of Tavern) is a Coral Island native. He runs a local tavern and takes care of his mother Betty. Early in the morning, Noah goes near the Community Center to hang out with his best friend Alice. Then he sits near Sockets Electronics before leaving for work. He stays in the tavern until nighttime and then goes to bed.
  • Pablo (Blacksmith) runs the Blacksmith Store in Starlet Town with his younger brother Rafael. After going to the Blacksmith Store to work in the morning, Pablo goes to Emma’s Taco Truck for lunch and then returns to the shop to watch TV before going to sleep. Although he lives on an island, Pablo actually hates beaches and spending time there.
  • Rafael (Blacksmith) runs the shop with his older brother. In the morning he can be found at the Graveyard cleaning gravestones. In the afternoon he takes the shift at the Blacksmith Store from his brother where he stays until closing time and then goes to bed. Unlike Pablo, Rafael is a reserved, shy, and quiet guy.
  • Raj (owner of the coffee shop Raja’s Coffee Corner) runs the coffee shop in Starlet Town. His morning routine is to read in the Garden Lane before leaving for work. After work, Raj has dinner in Coral Inn and then goes to sleep. He lives in Coral Inn.
  • Scott (Archeologist) works in the Museum. In the morning he likes to drink coffee in front of his home at 1 Main Ave before going to work in the Museum. After work, Scott enjoys a book near the general store and then goes home. He lives in a room he rents from doctor Charles.
  • Surya (Marine Biologist) works at the Laboratory where he spends most of his time. His usual routine is to go to work after having breakfast at home and return home after finishing his shift. During the weekend you can find him playing volleyball at the beach or hanging out in the vineyard.
  • Theo (Fisherman and Musician) during workdays fishes on his boat and during weekends he performs at the tavern with his guitar. In his free time, he hangs out at the beach or around the Community Center. He lives at 2 Main Street with his father Jim and sister Lily.
  • Wakuu (Astrophysicist) is a scientist who works and lives in the local Observatory. His workdays only consist of working and resting without leaving the Observatory, and on the weekend he likes to play pool in the tavern, spend his time on the beach, and hang out at the Beach Shack.


  • Anne (Wildlife photographer) can be found during the first three workdays around the Lake filming videos and taking photos, and on Thursdays and Fridays, she goes shopping at Sam’s General Store. When the weekend arrives, she plays volleyball at the beach and hangs out in the tavern. She lives with her husband Paul, daughter Zoe, and her younger brother Mark.
  • Antonio (Owner of Flamingo store) is the owner of the only clothing shop on Coral Island, located in Starlet Town. He spends most of the workdays in the shop and his free time and weekends with his daughter, in the tavern or in Raja’s Coffee Corner. He is Suki’s ex-husband and the father of Valentina.
  • Archie after going to the Starlet Elementary School spends time at Emma’s Taco Truck, in the forest, or playing in the park. He is the child of carpenters Joko and Dinda.
  • Betty (Former Owner of Fishensips Pub) spends her retirement days in Garden Lane, the park, the beach, at the Lake, and on Thursdays, she voluntarily teaches at the elementary school. She used to run the Fishensips Pub with her late husband and is now retired.
  • Bree (Owner of Hillside Brewery and Vineyard) runs the Hillside Brewery and Vineyard with her husband Walter and son Luke, where she spends most of her days. Otherwise, you can find her walking by the lighthouse, hanging out with Dinda at the Carpenter, or shopping at Sam’s.
  • Connor (The Mayor) lives in a house north of the town and frequently visits many business owners and townies. He knows all the islanders. He also likes fishing, shopping, and drinking coffee.
  • Dinda (Carpenter) lives and works with her husband, Joko. They have a son called Archie. Other than carpentry, Dinda takes care of her garden, cooks, and attends activities such as yoga on Saturdays.
  • Dippa (Painter) is an artist who lives in a cottage with their partner Emma. They love going around the island and looking for good landscapes to paint.
  • Emily (Hairdresser) runs the Hair Salon with Erika. She lives on the second floor of the General Store with her husband, Sam. Those are mainly places where she spends time.
  • Eleanor lives in the Beach Shack with her husband, Sunny, and son Oliver. Her character is available after you initiate the Visit the Beach Shack on 3rd Spring.
  • Emma (Owner of Taco Truck) lives in a cottage with her partner Dippa, which are all the places where you can find Emma. If she isn’t in the truck, then she is cooking at the cottage.
  • Erika (Stylist) works at the Hair Salon. When she is not working at the salon, she is either volunteering at school or roaming around town helping people. She is married to Frank, and they live at 2 Parkview.
  • Frank (Owner of the Tavern) runs the tavern at the town center with his brother Noah, where he can usually be found. He is married to Erika.
  • Jack (Rancher) spends his day mostly at the Ranch and in his free time watching the TV and cooking. He lives with his wife Kira and son Kenny in a Huntress Cabin in the forest.
  • Jim (Cook) is a retired fisherman who is now a cook at the Beach Shack, where he spends most of his days. He is the father of Lily and Theo. His fishing boat is now Theo’s, who loves to fish just like his Dad did.
  • Joko (Carpenter) works with his wife, Dinda. When he is not working, he spends most of his time teaching his son to fish or near the forest carving pumpkins. They live in Hillside with their son Archie and came to Coral Island from Indonesia.
  • Kira is a retired monster hunter now living in Huntress Cabin with her husband, Jack, and son Kenny. She loves being in the forest and just looking around. Kira also likes doing yoga and playing the flute.
  • Ling (Marine Biologist) works at the Laboratory. She spends most of her days at the lab and, in the meantime, enjoys knitting. Ling lives in the Victorian Mansion with her husband, Randy, and stepdaughter, Leah. She is available only after initiating the Into the Ocean quest on the 8th Spring through the mail.
  • Oliver is a student at Starlet Elementary School, where you will always find him during the week. On weekends he enjoys surfing and watching his favorite TV show. He lives with his parents Sunny and Eleanor at the Beach Shack.
  • Paul (Wildlife Photographer) works with his wife Anne. He spends his days around the Lake, trying to capture the wildlife moments with his camera. On weekends, you can find him on the beach, where he plays volleyball with his family. Paul is the father of Zoe.
  • Randy (Teacher) is the only teacher at the Starlet Elementary School. When he is not at school, you can locate him at the Vineyard or in the Library. He lives in the Victorian Mansion with his wife, Ling, and daughter Leah. Randy has a prosthetic arm.
  • Sam (Owner of the General Store) lives on the second floor of the store with his wife Emily. He spends most of his time at home and when he does come out, he goes to the Beach Shack to play chess.
  • Sunny (Owner of Beach Shack), where he lives on the second floor with his wife Eleanor and son Oliver. He can mostly be found at the shack and when he is not there, that means he is taking Oliver to school.
  • Takeba is the owner of the Bath House in Starlet Town. There is no more information available about this character.
  • Valentina is a student of Starlet Elementary School and the daughter of Suki and Antonio. She lives with them in the Coral Inn. Valentina enjoys surfing, hot chocolate, and tea parties.
  • Walter (Owner of Hillside Brewery and Vineyard) runs the Hillside Brewery and Vineyard with his wife Bree. They live with their son Luke in a big house behind the vineyard. In his free time, Walter enjoys watching sports.
  • Wataru is actually the first character you meet in the game because he is the one who gets you to Coral Island with his fishing boat. Wataru lives in the Lighthouse. He is the father of Wakuu.
  • Zoe is a student at Starlet Elementary School. During the week, she is in school, and on weekends, Zoe follows her father around. She likes to play volleyball and watch birds. Zoe is the daughter of Anne and Paul.

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