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What does Gear 2 Do in One Piece Odyssey?

Let's get that blood pumping.
one piece odyssey gear 2
Image via ILCA/Bandai Namco

Here’s a fun fact: in One Piece, Luffy’s Gum-Gum powers don’t just affect his limbs. His body is made of rubber all the way down to the cellular level, including his blood vessels. It’s thanks to this little quirk of his physiology that he can perform a special trick to enhance his capabilities. So, what does Gear 2 do in One Piece Odyssey?

What does Gear 2 Do in One Piece Odyssey?

Gear 2 is Luffy’s first self-enhancement ability, unlocked after defeating Crocodile and completing the Alabasta arc. You receive the standalone Gear 2 technique, alongside its companion attacks Jet Pistol, Jet Bazooka, and Jet Whip. These attacks are all far stronger than Luffy’s usual attacks, though, of course, they cost more TP to compensate.

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There are two ways to activate Gear 2 on Luffy: either using the standalone ability or using one of the Jet attacks. When you use a Jet attack, Luffy will activate Gear 2 automatically, and the effect will linger past his turn.

Gear 2’s Effects

one piece odyssey jet pistol
Image via ILCA/Bandai Namco

The game doesn’t actually tell you what Gear 2 does in its description, strangely enough, but it’s not that complicated. When Gear 2 is activated, Luffy will receive a flat buff to his attack stat for five turns, alongside the usual steamy effect on his body.

You may be wondering, though, “why would I use the standalone Gear 2 when the Jet attacks activate it automatically?” Simple: the attack buff from Gear 2 applies to all of Luffy’s attacks and techniques, not just the Jet ones, and unlike the steeper TP costs from the Jet attacks, it only costs 5 TP to activate Gear 2 on its own. Ergo, if you’re trying to conserve TP, you can activate Gear 2 by itself to get the attack buff, then use your simpler moves to deal more damage for a lower cost. It doesn’t look as cool, but it is more cost-effective.

Whether you’re using your Jet moves or just want to beef up your basic attacks, don’t hesitate to activate Gear 2. Don’t worry, unlike in the series, there’s no drawback to it, so use it as much as you want.

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