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How to Fuse Accessories in One Piece Odyssey

What's better than a shiny thing? A shinier thing.
one piece odyssey mukchi
Image via ILCA/Bandai Namco

As the Straw Hats’ resident archeologist, Nico Robin’s primary non-combat role in the group is to decode and utilize ancient pieces of technology. It’s a valuable skill when you’ve got a wacky device with no instruction manual, doubly so when said wacky device allows for accessory enhancement. Here’s how to fuse accessories in One Piece Odyssey.

How to Fuse Accessories in One Piece Odyssey

After you’ve defeated Crocodile and completed the Alabasta arc in One Piece Odyssey, the Straw Hats will gain some more of their old abilities back. For Robin, one of these abilities is “Merge,” the use of which is introduced to you shortly afterward. Adio and Lim will introduce you to Mukchi, an odd device that can be used to fuse your accessories together and enhance them. Only Robin can operate it thanks to her Flower-Flower Fruit arms.

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Unlocking Merge gives you access to Robin’s Mystery Craft, a new menu function usable from taverns and campfires. Using this menu, you can fuse together your likely large cache of accessories, which not only bestows additional abilities onto them but compartmentalizes their effects, allowing you to provide a more diverse range of buffs to your party members at once.

How Accessory Fusion Works

one piece odyssey mystery craft
Image via ILCA/Bandai Namco

Here’s how it works: as you’ve likely noticed, most accessories have slots open underneath their primary effects. By fusing another accessory with a base accessory, the base’s extra slots get filled up with the stat boosts from the material accessory. This service doesn’t cost any money, though any accessories you use as material will be consumed and destroyed. If you’ve accumulated many simple accessories with no unique names, this is where they’ll serve their true purpose.

Accessory fusion has three possible outcomes. A “Complete” fusion will add the material accessory’s buff to the base with no extra tweaks. A “Success” fusion will slightly increase the stat buff the base receives. A “Triumph” fusion will double the buff that the base receives.

There are a few additional rules to fusion you should be aware of:

  • Purple accessories gained as one-time drops from enemies, bosses, quests, and stores, can only be used as a base, and cannot be consumed.
  • If a material accessory has multiple effects, only one of those effects will be passed onto the base.
  • You can only add effects to a base accessory if it has slots open. If its slots are locked, you’ll need to progress the story to level up Robin’s Merge ability.
  • If you want to remove effects from an accessory, you can do so at any Yoisa Shop for a fee.

Whenever you can, use fusion to add more effects to your party members’ accessories. This will free up space on their accessory board, allowing them to equip even more accessories with even more effects. Onwards and upwards!

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