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What Does Gain Inspire Mean in

Get some inspiration!
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Kongregate Inc’s brings the undead horde to your mobile device in fun action packed way. Tons of weapons, bosses, and of course zombies are yours to go through. Of course though that’s to be expected in a zombie game. Kongregate manages to take it up to the next level with several game changing weapons and armor upgrades. These can be as simple as increased damage to benefits that can save your life in a hard run. One of these upgrades can be found as Inspire. For those new to the game, or even those still getting used to it, they may not know what Inspire is. It’s a simple upgrade, but depending on how players build into it, can potentially become the upgrade that can make them a zombie killing machine that’s unstoppable.

Inspire explained in

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Finding Inspire is simple enough in game, as it can be found in the main menu. Inspire is not a weapon upgrade, and cannot be bought, rather it is an upgrade given when upgrading armor. It varies from set to set, so that’s why it’s important to upgrade armor when you can, as you never know what Inspire you can get. Although the effects vary, the underlying principal is the same. Inspire activates after a certain number of zombie kills. Or Inspire activates when a boss zombie is killed. The effects last forever and has no timer. Rather, the effects end as soon as the player takes damage of any type from enemies.

The effects vary, with each armor set. Inspire can grant players a percentage bump in damage, or can even provide a continuous stream of healing. So long as players avoid damage, the effects will continue to last. Be sure to mix and match your armor to make the most out of Inspire and all the benefits that the buff can provide.

Hopefully this breakdown of Inspire inspires players to play to the benefit of this buff. For more game discussion, be sure to check out our Facebook page. If you want to hear more zombie killing coverage of, take a look at What’s The Best Weapon Combo in or What Does Evo Mean in

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