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How to Clear Chapter 1 in

Can You Survive?

In, the player must — surprise, surprise — survive for as long as they can against a horde of undead minions. But, for those who aren’t used to mobile gaming, it can be ridiculously difficult! If you want to overcome the gauntlet that is the first chapter of, read on. I’ll be going over some of the best powerups you can select, in addition to how to dodge the undead.

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How to Clear Chapter 1 in

It’s amazing how difficult this can be, especially if you’re not used to mobile controls. It’s important to remember that upgrades are dependent on how many green orbs you collect. So, the most important piece of advice I could offer you is to be smart in how you lead the undead. If you are passively killing them, they’ll drop the green orbs that you need. If you then lead your enemies away from the orbs, you can circle back and collect them. It may take some practice, but just keep on trying!

In terms of upgrades, I tend to prioritize items that can inflict passive damage. If I can focus primarily on survival — dodging the horde, mostly — then that increases my likelihood of making it further. So, I really like the Guardian, which summons two tops that encircle you periodically. It’s not a permanent thing, so don’t get too comfortable, but it helps. I also really like the Type-A Drone, which sends a flurry of missiles at the horde every couple of seconds. If you can nab a Forcefield Device, that can also help to ensure that you have enough health in the latter stages of this level.

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It can be daunting surviving for fifteen total minutes, but, with failure comes humility. And what comes with humility? VICTORY. I believe in you, for whatever that’s worth.

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