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What Are Marvel Snap Card Pools? Explained

Enter a whole new universe.

Marvel Snap is a digital card game featuring Marvel characters from various series. It’s one of the faster-paced DCCGs, only lasting for a total of 6 turns.  You use acquired cards to build decks of 12 cards to defeat an online opponent by controlling two or more zones by having the most power in that zone. The cards you acquire can be obtained through card back, clearing challenges, and progressing through the game.

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Marvel Snap Card Pools, Explained.

Your Collection Level signifies the reward you’ll acquire. You progress by upping any card’s rarity to the next level. To do this, for example, a normal card, to go to rare, may need 5 booster levels for that card specifically (Ant-Man boosters for an Ant-Man card) as well as 25 credits. Eventually you’ll need more boosters and credits to further level up. One of the many rewards is new cards from a pre-determined pool.

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Pool One

Pool one cards are acquired from Collection Levels 18 – 214. It has 46 cards including ones featuring Quicksilver, Doctor Strange, Namor, Cyclops, and The Thing. Among the higher tier for pool one is Bishop, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Blue Marvel, and Angela.

Pool Two

You gain pool two cards from Collection Levels 222 – 474 and has fewer cards than pool one, featuring 25 cards. It includes cards such as Shang-Chi, Ebony Maw, Rhino, Storm, Bucky Barnes, and Morbius. For higher-tiered cards you’re looking at Sunspot, Hobgoblin, Jubilee, and Killmonger.

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Pool Three

Pool three cards are by far the most as they have more than pool one and two combined with 74. Also, you get them from Collection Levels past 486 as opposed to a range of levels. It has cards like Spider-Man, Black Widow, Thor, Green Goblin, and Mystique. Some of the higher-tiered cards are Lockjaw, Wave, Death, Magik, Sera, and Wong.