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How Variants Work in Marvel Snap

Seeing double, or triple or more!

Marvel Snap is the latest card battler strategy game based on all your favorite and underrated Marvel comic heroes and villains. There are over 1,000 cards to collect and that’s where talking about Variants comes in. We will give you a quick look over what Variants in Marvel Snap are and how they work.

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What are Variants?

To put it simply, Variants are alternative art versions of any given Marvel Snap card. There are usually 4 and sometimes 5 different versions of the character cards you collect. Some Variants are more cartoony and cute chibi versions of the character. Other cards have that old-school 80s comic book look to them. Some variants’ artwork has a more bit-graphic design from older generation video games. There are also variants with the sleeker up-to-date modern look of their characters. No matter what art style you’re into, there’s bound to be a card with a specific variant you’ll enjoy the most and want to play with over others.

How to Use Variants

The different artwork is really the only difference from variant to variant. You play them in your deck and use the card the same way you would any version of that character. All Variants have the same card powers, effects, and points. Variants are just a cool way for you to take up more time collecting and seeing all the different versions of your favorite Marvel heroes or villains.

Don’t fret if you don’t like a specific variant. The shop offers multiple variants at a time once you’ve collected one character and unlocked their card through the game or boosters. Once you have you can collect as many variants as you want without much consequence.

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So there you have it, nothing much to do but collect to your heart’s content. Don’t feel too pressured by trying to collect all the variants at once or if you are missing one. Marvel Snap is very good at offering new variants in the shop after a while, cycling through every few days.

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