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Warzone 2.0 DMZ Salvager Mission Guide – All Sunken Ship Contraband Locations

Do not get lost at sea
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DMZ must be joking with this one. The ‘Salvager’ Crown Mission brings players into Tier 2 with a Mission that sounds simple on paper but harder to execute in game. ‘Salvager’ wants players to find the Contraband Packages across Al Mazrah and Ashika Island. Luckily the Ashika Island graced us with super simple locations with an appropriately named ‘Shipwreck’ location to go to. However, the same cannot be said for Al Mazrah. Whilst the Packages are all nearby one another, one of these Sunken Ships is so well hidden that Activision wanted to taunt you by hiding its location on the Map. This is our guide on where to find all Contraband Packages to complete ‘Salvager’ Crown Mission in DMZ Season 2.

How to Complete ‘Salvager’ Mission

The ‘Salvager’ Mission can be an incredibly tough one if you do not know where to look. So for the purpose of this guide, we are going to show you the specific Contraband Packages and their locations where you can find them on both Al Mazrah and Ashika Island. The Mission is split into two Objectives; the first is to find 3 Contraband Packages from Al Mazrah’s Sunken Ships, and the second is to find the 2 Packages from the Ashika Island Sunken Ships. However, the catch is that each Objective must be done within a single deployment. This can be quite difficult due to your limited searching time of approximately 25 minutes before the Radiation Zone spreads.

Where to Find the Contraband Packages in Al Mazrah

Sawah Village

The first of three Contraband Packages can be found at Sawah Village, within the Sunken Ship located in the centre of the Village. This is a very easy Ship to locate as it is highlighted on the Map. The Package is located on the lower half of the Ship. This area is highly contested by enemy AI, so you may wish to enter the area for the southern side, following the water from Sarrif Bay to Sawah Village. That was you can board the Ship without alerting many enemies. Otherwise, you will have to clear these out before attempting to extract the Package as this area is open to a lot of attacks. The Package is located on top of a Crate, in front of a broken staircase.

Image via Mr ZEUS OK on YouTube/ Activision

The next Package is located to the east of the primary Sunken Ship of Sawah Village. You should use a Boat to travel across these three destinations to save you a lot of time in your travel. As you head onto the Ship, going towards the Bow, enter the first room on your left. In here, you will see a locker and beside it is a table. You need to look underneath the table, where another table is topped over in front of it, only giving you a little gap to see the Contraband Package on the ground. To clarify, the Package is underneath the table against the wall, to the left of the locker in this room.

Image via Mr ZEUS OK on YouTube/ Activison

The final Package is by far the hardest to find as their is nothing on the Al Mazrah Map to indicate its location. So players should refer to the screenshot below for the exact location where you can find this final Package. Go east after obtaining the second Package in Al Mazrah (in the half accessible Sunken Ship outside of the Village). This will take you into the vast open waters of Al Mazrah where players need to go to the edge of the E8 coordinates. You will need to dive into the water to find the Sunken Ship where the Contraband Package can be found on the west side, at the top of the Ship. We want to stress that if you do not find it immediately, resurface and try again otherwise your character will run out of breath.

Image via Mr ZEUS OK on YouTube/ Activison

Where to Find the Contraband Packages in Ashika Island

The Ashika Island Shipwrecks are much easier to find as these are highlighted on the Map. The Shipwreck is located at the eastern border of the Island where two Sunken Ships can be found. The first Package is located at the southern Ship, inside the central open section of the Ship where a pool of water can be found. You need to dive into the water and hold the left side of the interior wall, facing west. The Package can be found at the bottom of the pool, underneath a large wooden crate.

The second Package can be found on the north Sunken Ship. You should head straight to the bow of the Ship, and once again hug the left wall (this time facing east, away from the Island). The Package is located underneath the Anchor Wheels. Below is a screenshot indicating the location of both Contraband Packages on Ashika Island.

Image via Activision

Once obtained as both can be picked up within a few minutes of one another, head to the Exfil point and make sure that you are able to safely exfil with these Packages otherwise you will have to hit this Objective again. The Mission ends once you exfil with the final Contraband Package. The Objectives can be hit in whichever order you like, just remember that you must complete each Objective within a single deployment. So, make sure you hold onto those Packages with your life. You may find it easier to complete this with a team as some Ships are highly contested and you can easily run into other Operators trying to complete this Mission too.

That was our complete guide on how to complete the Tier 2 Crown Mission ‘Salvager’ in Warzone 2.0 DMZ Season 2. If you are interested in looking for more guidance in other DMZ Missions, we have: How to Extract Legion Deal Intel in Warzone 2.0 DMZ, How to Complete Missing Person in Warzone 2.0 DMZ – Apartment B7 Location and more available at Gamer Journalist.

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