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Wacky Wizards ingredients list (October 2023)

Wacky Wizards potions

Wacky Wizard is a crafting game developed by Wacky Wizards Studio for the Roblox platform. Players can combine several different ingredients to create potions and drink them up for various powers. Different combinations produce different types of potions with unique effects. Make them more potent by adding more of the same ingredients. Finding all the ingredients can be challenging, so we put together this list of all Wacky Wizards ingredients, what they do, and their locations to help you out.

Some Wacky Wizards ingredients are found at the brewing table, but others require venturing out into the world. Premium ingredients require a Game Pass subscription, like the Hat of Gears. Bring the ingredients back to the brewing table to store them and get more.

Refer to our Wacky Wizards potions list to find every recipe that you can brew at the cauldron. You can refer to the list of ingredients down below if you aren’t sure where to find them. If you’re wondering where to find Mr. Rich, it appears every hour and attacks players. Load the cannons near the brewing areas to destroy Mr. Rich to get a Cyclops Eye, which can be turned in at Oz the Wizard.

Wacky Wizards all ingredients list

  • 2021 Snowman – Purchase for 1,800 Candy Canes during the Christmas Event
  • Turkey – Complete the Thanksgiving Update quest
  • Airstrike – Premium ingredient acquired with gems
  • Alien Parasite – Complete the quest from Dumpster Diver Dan
  • Anime Sword – Premium ingredient acquired with gems
  • Axolotl – Under the waterfall
  • Beans – Complete the Volcano Beans quest
  • Beard – Premium ingredient acquired with gems
  • Bird – Find this in the large obby tree in forest
  • Boxing Gloves – Complete the Witches vs. Wizards quest
  • Brain – Basic starting
  • Chameleon – Find this on a tree limb in the forest
  • Chilli – Find this in the desert underground
  • Cleetus’s Hat – Find this on a rock in the Wizard’s Cave
  • Corn – Complete the Halloween 2021 Maze
  • Cow Hat – Obtained from Dumpster Diver Dan
  • Cyclops Eye – Drop from Mr. Rich boss
  • Disco Ball – Complete the Cave Club quest
  • Dynamite – Find this under the train tracks in the desert
  • Fairy – Basic starting ingredient
  • Fedora – Goblin’s Village behind a boulder
  • Fish – Find this underwater in the cave by the waterfall
  • Foryxe’s Head – Find this in the cave by the waterfall
  • Frog – Complete the quests in Goblin Village
  • Frozen Egg – Premium ingredient acquired with gems
  • Ghost – Complete the Halloween 2021 Ghost Hunter quest
  • Giant’s Ear – Basic starting ingredient
  • Giraffe Hoof – Basic starting ingredient
  • Gun – Reach level 9 by crafting spells
  • Hat of Gears – Premium ingredient acquired with gems
  • Honey – Complete the quest at the Queen Bee to receive Honey
  • Jandel’s Head – Find this by the cactus at the Witch’s Cave
  • Jayingee Note – Find this on the Spider Cave wall
  • Justin – Find this in the bushes by Oz the Wizard
  • KSI – Find this at the top of the Volcano
  • Magic Seed – Premium ingredient acquired with gems
  • Mariofly5 Mask – Inside the Goblin Village
  • Mount – Premium ingredient acquired with gems
  • Nexure’s Head – Found in the Wizard’s Cave
  • Nomer’s Head – Found in the desert on a cactus
  • Pet Tags – Find this by completing the cave quiz
  • Pool Noodle – Basic starting ingredient
  • Premiumsalad – Find this on top of a tree in the forest
  • Robux – Dropped by Mr. Rich boss and you turn the Cyclops Eye in to the Wizard
  • Rotten Sandwich – Basic starting Ingredient
  • Sleepy Bee – Find a sleeping bee near the trees with the honeycombs
  • Sketch – Find this underwater near the waterfall
  • Skull – Kill zombies during the Halloween 2021 event
  • Spider – Find this in a Spider Cave, accessible by using a Tiny Potion
  • Void Star – Next to Dumpster Dive Dan
  • Walking Cane – Find and return Oz’s Wallet
  • Wheel – Premium ingredient acquired with gems
  • Witches Brew – Witch’s quest in the desert cave

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