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Wacky Wizards Thanksgiving Update

Wacky Wednesday is here one day before Thanksgiving, which means it’s time for the Wacky Wizards Thanksgiving Update. A turkey has been spotted next to the waterfall. So it’s time to get to work and see what the Wacky Wizards Thanksgiving Update has in store for us, including the special ingredient and all the new potions.

Wacky Wizards Thanksgiving Update

Players can start by heading over to the Waterfall. On the top right cliff next to the waterfall, you’ll find an alive turkey. After picking it up, Oz the Wizard will tell you to put it in one of the cannons. Head over the cannon in the center of all the cauldrons, and load the turkey into it. After “evicting” the turkeys, Oz will hand over the ingredient for you.

You can simply stand next to the cauldron, and grab all of the turkeys that spawn in and fall from the sky. Place them into the cannon after picking them up. After a minute or two, that’s when you can obtain the new ingredient.

In addition to collecting this new ingredient, players can also pick up the new Roast Turkey Cauldron Skin from the in-game shop. This week’s premium ingredient costs 3,000 Gems, and it turns your cauldron into a Turkey! Note that Alive Turkey and Cooked Turkey are two different ingredients. Cooked Turkey is what you get on the ingredient table.

Wacky Wizards Thanksgiving Update Potions

There are fifteen new potions you can make with the new Turkey ingredient, which we have listed out below:

  1. Turkey potion – Alive Turkey
  2. Turkey-dinner potion – Cooked Turkey
  3. Turkey-arms potion – Cooked Turkey, Pool Noodle
  4. Turkey-legs potion – Cooked Turkey, Giraffe Hoof
  5. Cornucopia-shoes potion – Cooked Turkey, Corn
  6. Turkey-poop potion – Cooked Turkey, Rotten Sandwich
  7. Potato-musket potion – Cooked Turkey, Gun
  8. Turkey-dance potion – Cooked Turkey, Disco Ball
  9. Potato-grenade potion – Cooked Turkey, Dynamite
  10. Turkey-bow potion – Cooked Turkey, Bird
  11. Fez potion – Cooked Turkey, Brain
  12. Pet-turkey potion – Cooked Turkey, Pet Tags
  13. Pie-bee potion – Cooked Turkey, Honey
  14. Turkey-leg-club potion – Cooked Turkey, Undead
  15. Turkey-Rex potion – Cooked Turkey, Giant’s Ear

Bear with us as we discover all the new potion recipes this week that use the new Wacky Wizards Thanksgiving Update Turkey ingredient.

For a complete list of potions, you can check out our Wacky Wizards potion list. That contains a list of every known recipe, so bookmark it for reference if you like.

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