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Visit Skye’s Coastal Campsites Locations

This week is the beginning of Skye’s weekly Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges. One challenge asks players to visit Skye’s coastal campsites. You only need to visit three out of the four campsites, and we’ll provide the location for each of them in this guide.

Feel free to bookmark this page and reference it while you complete this challenge.

Skye’s Coastal Campsites Locations

There are many campsites all throughout Fortnite. You will know you’re at the right one if there’s a backpack, bean bag, and caterpillar laying around.

Skye’s Coastal Campsite 1 – Near Steamy Stacks

The very top of the H3 sector of the map, just south of Steam Stacks, is where we’ll find the first campsite. You can find it right along the beach on the are marked in the map below.

Skye’s Coastal Campsite 2 – Southeast of Map

Head south past The Grotto, all the way down to the very southeast tip of the map. You’ll see a little wooden cabin nearby, and the campsite is just along the cliffside looking into the ocean.

Skye’s Coastal Campsite 3 – Southern Coast

Head along the southern coast towards the west of the map. There’s a large Iron Man statue at the next campsite location. It’s in the bottom center of the map in sector E8.

Skye’s Coastal Campsite 4 – Western Coast

The next campsite is along the western coast, just northwest of Sweaty Sands. Head past the broken fortress and you will find it right on the coastline in the A3 sector.

Skye’s Coastal Campsite 5 – East of Lighthouse

Get yourself to the lighthouse and head east of that. Right between sector D1 and C1 is where you can find the final campsite.

That’s all for the Skye’s Coastal Campsites locations. Hopefully, this guide will help you find them quickly and easily.

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