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Vikingard Codes (January 2023)

Vikingard is a mobile game for Android and iOS. Get the codes for Vikingard here.
Vikingard Title Screen | Image by NetEase Games
Vikingard Title Screen | Image by NetEase Games

Are you looking for codes for Vikingard? A popular simulation game and RPG combo available for mobile devices, Vikingard offers all the excitement of high-stakes brawls and monumental decisions while employing strategy to grow your Viking civilization.

Vikingard codes can help you get multiple resources in the game, but primarily, they give you coin. You can use coin to accrue resources you lack until you can get your own through other means (such as growing crops).

All Vikingard Codes List

The current working codes for Vikingard include:

  • VKYULE2022 – This is a December holiday gift card code that was added mid-month, December, 2022.
  • VIKINGARD100K – This results in unknown rewards, but it’s likely you get a pile of gold from it.

Expired Vikingard Codes

The expired codes for Vikingard include:

  • HAPPY2022
  • Vikingard0321
  • Viking0308

All of these codes provided an unknown amount of rewards, but they tell us something important: Vikingard codes are usually seasonal or related to the holidays. Prepare for more codes this spring, or maybe even for Valentine’s Day!

How to Redeem Codes in Vikingard

  • Launch Vikingard on your mobile device to start the process, then head to the main screen.
  • Choose your avatar at the top left of your screen.
  • Once the settings menu rolls up, click the Codes button and type a code in.
  • You can only apply one code at a time.
  • Hit Confirm.
  • The rewards will be applied in game.

How to Get More Vikingard Codes

Codes usually drop on the official Vikingard social media channels, so keep checking, especially if a new season or holiday approaches.

Why Aren’t My Vikingard Codes Working?

Your Vikingard Codes may not be working for one of several reasons:

  • The code is expired
  • You’ve typed the code wrong (we get it, it happens!)
  • You’re trying to apply more than one code at once — Vikingard only takes one code at a time.

As far as we can tell, Vikingard codes aren’t case sensitive.

How to Get Other Rewards in Vikingard

Vikingard will sometimes reward you in other ways if you complete other tasks, such as entering into alliances, voyage around the world, and join alliance (for Alliance Clash mode).

If you’re really about leaning into Viking culture, and are perhaps a fan of the Vikings TV shows, this is probably a game you’ll enjoy. Made in conjunction with the shows, you’ll play a series of five different characters and types in the game.

What is Vikingard?

Voiced by Shelby Young, one of the first protagonists you’ll get to meet is Hervor, a stubborn Viking warrior woman. Following Hervor, you’ll meet Brandr, a Pathfinder, voiced by Jeff Schine. Brandr is an adventurous leader of his group. My favorite, however, is Alfrun, the Prophetess of Fate, voiced by Misty Lee. She has a story-progressive, deep connection with the gods of her people.

In Vikingard, you get to make decisions about trials, fight against other warriors, and grow crops all in the name of glory for your kingdom. For a mobile RPG, it’s pretty expansive. I’d definitely recommend Vikingard to fans of other types of Viking simulations, such as Valheim. Download it from the App Store or Google play, linked from the main Vikingard site.


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