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All Vampire Survivors Weapons and Combinations

It's Best to Be Prepared.
All Vampire Survivors Weapons and Combinations
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Vampire Survivors is an old-fashioned roguelite RPG that has defined a genre. In this seemingly simple, yet complex experience, players have to survive until dawn whilst fighting off legions of creatures. As these monsters get more and more aggressive over the course of the night, you’d best be prepared. In order to help you achieve the ultimate Vampire Survivors throne, we have a complete list of all possible weapons.

In due course, you’ll find that each character has a unique starting weapon. But, you can find most of these weapons simply by playing the game. Some weapons, however, have specific tasks you must take on before you can unlock them. These weapons can also be upgraded if you find the right passives.

All Vampire Survivors Weapons

Here are all of the weapons in Vampire Survivors:

  • 108 Bocce — Actually, it’s just 8. Damages nearby enemies.
  • Axe — High damage and high area scaling. Ignores duration.
  • Bone — Only usable by Mortaccia. Throws a bouncing projectile. Good with speed and duration.
  • Bracelet — Fires three projectiles at a random enemy. Scales with all stat bonuses.
  • Candybox — Allows you to choose any unlocked base weapon. Rarity affected by Luck.
  • Carréllo — Throws a bouncing projectile. Number of bounces affected by Amount.
  • Celestial Dusting — Throws a bouncing projectile. Cooldown reduces when moving.
  • Cherry Bomb — Throws a bouncing projectile that explodes after some time.
  • Clock Lancet — Chance to frezze enemies. Ignores power, speed, amount, and area.
  • Cross — Aims at the nearest enemy and has boomerang effect. Ignores duration.
  • Death Spiral — Passes through enemies. This is the evolved Axe and requires Candelabra.
  • Ebony Wings — Bombards in a circling zone. Good with cooldown and duration.
  • Eight The Sparrow — Fires quickly in four fixed directions. Ignores duration.
  • Fire Wand — Fires at a random enemy, dealing high damage. Ignores duration.
  • Flames of Misspell — Emits cones of flames. Scales with all stat bonuses.
  • Four Seasons — Generates 4 explosions. Amount and duration affect damage instead.
  • Garlic — Damages nearby enemies. Ignores cooldown, duration, and speed.
  • Gatti Amari — Summons capricious projectiles. Might interact with pickups.
  • Greatest Jubilee — Has a chance to summon light sources.
  • King Bible — Orbits around the character. Good with area, cooldown, duration, speed.
  • Knife — Fires quickly in the direction you are facing. Ignores duration.
  • La Robba — Generates bouncing projectiles. Scales with all stat bonuses.
  • Laurel — Shields from damage when active. Good with cooldown reduction item.
  • Lightning Ring — Strikes random enemies. Ignores speed and duration.
  • Magic Wand — Fires at the nearest enemy. Ignores duration.
  • Mille Bolle Blu — Fires lingering projectiles. Scales with all stat bonuses.
  • Mirage Robe — Generates freezing mines with a chance to explode. Ignores speed.
  • Night Sword — Dangerous, cursed weapon. Retaliates. Might steal hearts.
  • Peachone — Bombards in a circling zone. Good with cooldown and duration.
  • Pentagram — Erases everything in sight. Good with cooldown and luck.
  • Phiera Der Tuphello — Fires quickly in four fixed directions. Ignores duration.
  • Runetracer — Passes through enemies and bounces. Good with speed and duration.
  • Santa Water — Generates damaging zones.
  • Shadow Pinion — Generates damage zones when moving, strikes when stopping.
  • Silver Wind — Defeated enemies might drop hearts.
  • Song of Mana — Attacks vertically, passes through enemies.
  • Summon Night — Generates damaging zones above the character.
  • Vento Sacro — Stronger with continuous movement. Can deal critical damage.
  • Victory Sword — Strikes with a combo attack at the nearest enemy. Retaliates.
  • Whip — Attacks horizontally and passes through enemies. Ignores speed and duration.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Vampire Survivors

To upgrade weapons in Vampire Survivors, you need to have the weapon equipped and also have a corresponding item. At level eight, your item will upgrade after looting one of the chests that drop from high-level enemies. We have a full list of Vampire Survivors weapon combos below.

Vampire Survivors Weapon Combinations / Unions

  • Anima of Mortaccio — Bone + Chaos Malachite + Mortaccio (lvl. 80).
  • Ashes of Muspell — Flames of Misspell + Torrona’s Box (lvl. MAX).
  • Bi-Bracelet — Evolved form of Bracelet.
  • Bloody Tear — Whip + Hollow Heart.
  • Boo Roo Boolle — Mille Bolle Blu + Spellbinder (lvl. MAX).
  • Crimson Shroud — Laurel + Metaglio Left + Metaglio Right (lvl. MAX).
  • Death Spiral — Axe + Candelabra.
  • Echo Night — Summon Night + Duplicator (lvl. MAX).
  • Festive Winds — Silver Wind + Pummarola (lvl. MAX).
  • Fuwalafuwaloo — Vento Sacro + Bloody Tear.
  • Godai Shuffle — Four Seasons + Spinach + Candelabrador (lvl. MAX).
  • Gorgeous Moon — Pentagram + Crown.
  • Heaven Sword — Cross + Clover.
  • Hellfire — Fire Wand + Spinach.
  • Holy Wand — Magic Wand + Empty Tome.
  • Infinite Corridor — Clock Lancet + Silver Ring + Gold Ring (lvl. MAX).
  • J’Odore — Mirage Robe + Attractorb (lvl. MAX).
  • La Borra — Santa Water + Attractorb.
  • Mannajja — Song of Mana + Skull O’Maniac.
  • Muramasa — Night Sword + Stone Mask (lvl. MAX).
  • NO FUTURE — Runetracer + Armor.
  • Phieraggi — Phiera Der Tuphello + Eight The Sparrow.
  • Soul Eater — Garlic + Pummarola.
  • Thousand Edge — Knife + Gloves.
  • Thunder Loop — Lightning Ring + Duplicator.
  • Tri-Bracelet — Evolved form of Bi-Bracelet.
  • Unholy Vespers — King Bible + Spellbinder.
  • Valkyrie Turner — Shadow Pinion + Wings.
  • Vicious Hunger — Gatti Amari + Stone Mask.
  • Vandalier — Peachone + Ebony Wings.

It’s a good idea to pay attention to the power-ups you grab because you have a limited number of slots. Selecting the right passives to synergize with your weapons will put you in a good position in the late game. These are all the weapons and weapon combinations/unions that are available as of writing.

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