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Best Vampire Survivors Mods to Play with In-Game

We can make it weirder.
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Vampire Survivors is already a pretty off-the-wall game despite its relative simplicity. Monsters coming at you from all angles, twenty kinds of projectiles flying out of you at any given moment; it’s a wild experience, to be sure. Through the magic of modding, however, we have the power to make it even wilder (or less wild, in some cases). Here are some of the best Vampire Survivors mods to play with in-game.

Best Vampire Survivors Mods to Play with In-Game

Vampire Survivors mods are generally installed as modifiers on existing save data files. Keep in mind that either installing or removing mods could cause save data loss, so you should always make a backup of your files before you go messing with them.

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With that established, we recommend the following three mods for Vampire Survivors:

Multipurpose QoL

As more people play games, accessibility becomes a more important concern for ensuring everyone can have a good time. Given its simple nature, Vampire Survivors is a fairly accessible game as it is, but it can always be better. The Multipurpose QoL mod introduces a variety of quality-of-life options you can toggle in the game’s settings. This includes things like color-coded guides, chest auto-skip, tickers for weapons and items, and an instant restart button.

No Particles

In a similar vein to Multipurpose QoL, the No Particles mod is meant to make Vampire Survivors a bit more accessible. Even at the best of times, this game is absolutely flooded with particle effects, which can be both hard on low-end PCs and disorienting for certain individuals. This mod makes all particles transparent, severely decluttering the screen and making the game easier to run.

Free Evolutions

Image via poncle/Owyn

Vampire Survivors’ weapon evolution system can be a bit abstract, not to mention luck-based and time-consuming. If you’re having trouble finding the right items to form an evolution, the Free Evolutions mod will make your life easier. With this mod, you no longer need to find a specific passive to evolve a weapon; you just need to level the weapon up enough times, and it’ll evolve on its own.

There is a lot of hidden depth to Vampire Survivors to uncover, but if you somehow managed to reach the absolute depths of it all, mods can add some extra flavor to the game. Keep on surviving and opening chests forever!

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