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Valorant Ranks: tiers, badges, and progression

Valorant is the new competitive first-person shooter from Riot Games. The game officially launched on June 2 without a competitive queueing option. New players can take this time to adjust to the game and test out different Agents while Riot Games works on ironing out the system. There are currently eight Valorant ranks, with twenty-five badges in total for every one of the tiers.

Valorant Ranks: Tiers

There are eight total competitive Valorant ranks:

  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Immortal
  • Radiant

Each rank contains three different tiers, with one being the lowest and three being the highest. Before attaining an official rank, players must first complete a total of twenty unranked matches. Your skill rating calculation consists of personal performance and overall team wins and losses. The system aims to balance competitive play, so all players are on an equal playing level.

Valorant Ranks: Badges

Each rank gets a badge, so players can easily differentiate between everyone’s skill level. There are a total of twenty-five badges, one for every skill level.

Valorant Ranks: tiers, badges, and progression

The built-in mechanisms of competitive play prevent smurfing and rank-boosting. Individual performance becomes one of the most significant factors of your rank. Consistently dominating will allow you to progress quickly to higher tiers and levels.

Players can grind through the competitive ladder by themselves or in groups of up to five total people. The game matching engine finds teams with a similar size and skill rating to your own. Gaining and losing rank depends a lot on if you win or lose, and how well you did on an individual level.

VALORANT Ranked Play Release Date

Valorant competitive will likely be available at the end of June or early July, depending on when developers resolve the bugs. A few new game-breaking bugs made their way into the game after patch 1.02, which hinder the competitive play experience. 

When the competitive play option goes live, players will keep their ranks through the entire Valorant Act. Every act lasts around two months, after which the next chapter of the game opens up with a new Battle Pass, rewards, and ranking.

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