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Valorant ranked queue will be available after spawn bug is fixed

VALORANT ranked queue

Valorant players waiting for ranked queues to open up might be longer than expected. Joe Ziegler, game director at Riot Games, says the team found a bug where players “can every once in a while spawn in the opposing team’s spawn point.” Obviously, this is a game-breaking bug that makes a huge impact on competitive play.

Ziegler and the Valorant team was planning to turn on ranked queues soon, but they will have to wait until they fix some bugs first. Patch 1.02 introduced a few new issues, including one that lets players enable ghost mode in live play.

Players waiting to grind out their competitive Valorant ranks will have to wait until Epic Games fixes the current bugs. Competitive queues were live in the early access closed beta for a few weeks, but not in the official launch. Not everyone was in closed beta. The downtime allows the team to improve the system and gives new players some time to learn the game.

Achieving ranks in Valorant is an arduous journey. First, players must complete a total of twenty unranked matches. Then, the player receives one of eight ranks. Iron is the lowest, and Radiant, formerly known as Valorant, is the highest. For all ranks except Radiant, there are three tiers to climb.

Each player’s progression through the ranks sticks with them until the end of each act or season, which is about two months. During the season, players can track their progress and overall performance, including stats like wins and losses.

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