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How to Unlock the Requiem Revengeance Stance in Halo Infinite

What's the deal with the Requiem Revengeance stance? Is it bugged? How do you unlock it?
Requiem Revengeance Stance

Cosmetics have become a staple part of multiplayer games. Your game is essentially doomed to failure unless you give players a way to personalize their experience. It makes sense; if you’re going to play a game repeatedly for hours a day, then it would be nice to pimp out your avatar a bit. Some gamers are just completionists, and if the game gives them something to unlock, they must unlock it! If you’re one of those gamers, look away. The Halo Infinite legendary stance situation is gonna drive you up the wall.

How to Unlock the Reqiuem Revengeance Stance in Halo Infinite

You can’t! Well, not yet anyway. Players have tried everything under the sun to try and unlock this stance, but it’s been a no-go. Unfortunately, we are left in the same boat as the Act of Genesis stance. The stances in-game details state that you can unlock it by completing something in the Halo Infinite Campaign. However, with all of the players finishing every little thing in the campaign, nothing has worked. Many believe the stance is currently bugged or is just a placeholder for a future event.

The Requiem Revengeance stance is one of the six legendary stances. You can see all of your stances both locked and unlocked by heading to the main menu and then Customize -> Spartan ID -> Stances. You will have 25 stances in all, with Requiem seemingly permanently locked at the end of the list.

Only time will tell what the deal is with these unattainable stances. Revengeance isn’t even a real word, so who knows, it could all be lies (jokes). Although this is purely speculation, we think that both the Act of Genesis and Requiem Revengeance stances will be released/fixed in some future event. Halo Infinite developers 343 Industries have yet to comment on any issues with the two stances.

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