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How to Unlock the Act of Genesis Stance in Halo Infinite

Is this stance bugged? How do you unlock the Act of Genesis stance in Halo Infinite?
Halo Infinite Act of Genesis Stance

Almost every game these days is packed to the brim with customizations. Skins, animations, sprays, you name it. Anything to help personalize the player’s experience. Halo Infinite is no different. It’s filled with tons of cosmetics, including stances. One stance, in particular, has been giving players some issues, leaving them to ask how they can unlock the Act of Genesis stance in Halo Infinite.

How to Unlock the Act of Genesis Stance in Halo Infinite

To access your stances in Halo Infinite, you can go to the main menu and then Customize -> Spartan ID -> Stances. From there, you will see 25 different stances, some locked and some unlocked. There are six legendary, seven epics, ten rare, and two common stances. One legendary stance, in particular, seems to be eluding players and is starting to drive some of the completionists among us nuts. 

The Act of Genesis stance at the moment is a bit of a mystery. The game states that the Act of Genesis stance is “Available in Halo Infinite’s Campaign.” However, no Halo players have been able to unlock the stance at the time of this writing. Initially, most players believed that completing the Halo Infinite campaign on Legendary difficulty would award the genesis stance, but that has since proved not to be true. 

As the days go by, more and more Halo Infinite achievements are completed, but no one has reported unlocking the stance. The assumption that the stance is actually bugged has started to enter players’ minds. 343 Industries has yet to make any comments regarding the stance or any issues with it. 

We will be updating this post with any new developments regarding the Halo Infinite Act of Genesis Stance. We hope that the unlocking criteria will be discovered soon, or any potential issues will be patched quickly.

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