Underlords Top Meta Builds for August 2019

The Underlords meta is constantly evolving as they patch it. In the current meta, ★★★ units are all the rage. For this reason we will be looking at some Underlords top meta builds that come to fruition around level 7 or level 8. The builds need to hold on their own with ★★ units until the ★★★ units can be attained.

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Many players make the mistake of re-rolling and trying to force ★★★ units too early and end up losing tons of health in the process. Below are all of the current meta builds along with team positioning strategies you can use to climb your way up the ladder.

Underlords Hunter Build Variations

Hunters are a very strong team composition during the current meta. We want to aim for 3 hunters early while rolling for the ★★★ units. Six hunters is only achieved in the late game so we need to focus on 3 hunters to start. Additional units to couple with hunters would be Warrior, Heartless Savage, Brawny, and Demon Hunters.

Knight Build Variations

The six knight lineup is very solid with ★★ units, and at level 8 you have the option to have both Dragon and Heartless for a strong and balanced mid game lineup for rounds 20-30.

Four knights are strong and allow for some more flexibility. You can add Dragons, Demon Hunters, Mages, Warlocks, Heartless, and even Trolls if you can find a Warlord at level 8.

Scrappy Build Variations

Scrappy builds can be coupled with Assassins (3). It’s crucial to choose an AoE assassin and a carry assassin like QoP, Morphling, Slark, Phantom Assassin. This will pick up the lack of damage associated with typical Scrappy builds.

You can also use Mages with Scrappy builds. Crypstal Maiden, Puck, Keeper of the Light is the perfect setup to run alongside the Scrappy units. Lich can be swapped for Keeper if you want to also add in Necrophos with Alch for the Heartless and Warlock synergies. Remember to roll for ★★★ scrappy units!

Warlocks can be used as well. Two or four warlocks consisting of Alchemist, Witch Doctor, Shadow Fiend, Necrophos, and Disruptor would be a solid lineup to couple with Scrappy units.

If you are getting lucky with the Terrorblades, go for Scrappy with Demon Hunters.

Elusive Build Variations

The Elusive (6) build can be used if we get some key ★★★ elusives early. You can branch out with Dragons, Demon Hunters, Assassins (3), Savage Druids, and Hunters (3).

Elusive (9) can be used at level 9 and grant a massive 75% evasion bonus. It will most definitely delay the ★★★ rolls, but you can use this build if you are given all elusives or have difficulty finding ★★ units to couple with the Elusive (6) lineup.

Assassins Build Variations

Assassins is an all around strong build with massive damage. Key items to go for here are Helm of Undying on Bloodseeker and any ★★★ unit and Big Time Contract. It’s good to go for 9 assassins in the late game if we only find one contracts.

At level 7/8 we want to have 6 assassins with the possibly addition or Druids, Primordial, Dragons, and/or Scrappy units.

Savage Build Variations

Druids are a solid choice to couple with savages, but without a summoning stone it’s better to go 6 savages and 2 druids and an additional synergy like Warlock, Demon Hunter, Hunter, or Warrior.

If you can find a summoning stone, the 4 Druid lineup is stronger overall. You can focus on adding more synergies in the late game.

Mage Build Variations

Mages (6) are a solid build that can work with 2 ★★ units like Morphling, Queen of Pain, or Shadow Fiend.

Primordial units can be used with Summoning Stone and Arc Warden. Strong items like Maelstrom and Dragon on Arc will do some serious damage.

Dragon/Heartless is another option to couple with Mages if you can find an early Fall From Grace item.

Shaman can be added into the mix if you rush to level 9 and then focus on finding ★★★ and legendary units.

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