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Fortnite Hype Night Error

Fortnite Hype Night is a seasonal challenge that lets players climb through the ranks to prove their worth to the Agency. An official briefing overview of the challenge can be found on the official Epic Games site.

Users trying to queue up for Fortnite Hype Night are getting hit with an error. The error reads “We Hit A Roadblock: Failed to query for Tournament Rules.”

Lots of people on Twitter are getting this error, and players are speculating you need to purchase the Battle Pass in order to participate in the Hype Night tournament.

We are waiting on an official announcement from Epic Games regarding this issue. It seems unlikely you would need to purchase something in order to participate in the Fortnite Hype Night event.

Fortnite Hype Night Error Solutions

Some players are reporting you must have two-factor authentication enabled in order to resolve the queue issue. Other players are reporting they have it enabled and are still unable to queue.

Stay tuned on the official FNCompetitive Twitter account and the Fortnite Twitter accounts for updates relating to the Fortnite Hype Night Error. We will also do our best to keep players updated here when we find out more.

Update: Epic Games fixed the error preventing players from queueing. The issue should now be resolved and they’ve extended the tournament window by an extra 45 minutes to compensate for lost time.

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