How to Golf in Terraria

How to Golf in Terraria

Terraria players can now enjoy a relaxing game of golf in their spare time. The golf mechanics were introduced during the Terraria Journey’s End 1.4 Patch. This guide will explain everything you need to know to learn how to golf in Terraria.

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How to Golf in Terraria

A bunch of new gold equipment comes to the game in the latest update. The new items include golf balls, golf clubs, a golf whistle, a golf tee, a cup, a golf cart mount, trophies, and everything you need to keep your course looking fresh. A golf NPC has everything you need to start your career as a pro Terraria golfer.

Terraria Golf NPC

To get started, make sure you have a golf ball, a golf tee, a golf cup, and iron. Simply put the tee down in front of you, which allows you to place a golf ball on top of it, just like real golf. You can choose to golf without a tee, but the ball won’t go as far.

Now for the golf clubs. You can choose from a wedge, iron, driver, and putter. Just like real golf, there are different clubs that come in handy depending on how far you’re trying to hit the ball. Swing the club and hit the ball and the camera will lock-on to your shot.

If you bring up your map while holding a golf club, you will see an arrow pointing to the golf ball so you don’t lose track of it. Your goal is to get the golf ball inside the golf cup.

You get a score depending on how many shots it took you to get it in. The lower the number the better. You can build courses and play some golf with friends in Terraria to see who can get the lowest score.

Rules of Golf

  • You are trying to put your golf ball into the cup at the end of the hole in as few strokes as possible, while using only golf clubs. Lower scores are better!
  • Most courses will have a number of Holes to complete – typically 9 or 18.
  • Each hole has a “Par” score, which represents the target score for that hole. See if you can get under Par for a Birdie (one under part) or better!
  • Watch out for different terrain and how it will impact your shots. Hitting from perfectly mowed grass isn’t the same as hitting from Sand or even Stone.
  • Loft (vertical height) and Distance (horizontal distance) are crucial, as is club selection for a given shot.
  • Look out for Wind and be sure to stay out of the water.

Players can create simple courses or complex full-on 18-hole golf courses. Creating courses like this one involve altering the terrain for each course, and designing it so it’s a challenge for players.

How to Level up Golfing in Terraria Journey’s End

To level up your golfing skill in Terraria, all you need to do is play a lot of golf. The more games you play, the higher your character’s golf level. As you progress through your golfing levels, new items will become available at the golf NPC.

That’s all for now, we’ll update this page with some more tips and tricks as we become professional Terraria golfers. Check out the full list of Terraria Journey’s End Update 1.4 patch notes if you have not already.

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