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Trials of Osiris Map for November 6, 2020

Trials of Osiris Map for November 6, 2020

We’re less than a week away from the release of Beyond Light. It’s Friday once again, which means the start of a new weekly Trials of Osiris event in the world of Destiny 2. Every Friday, a new map is selected, along with a new set of rewards from Saint-14. Those who participate and string together a certain number of wins can claim some powerful loot for themselves. Here are the Trials of Osiris map and rewards for November 6, 2020.

Trials of Osiris Map for November 6, 2020

The Trials of Osiris map for November 6 is Endless Vale. You can check back every Friday for a look at the new map and the rewards from Saint-14. Let’s take a look at what rewards there is to collect this weekend.

Trials of Osiris Loot Rewards

  • 3 Wins – Class Item
  • 5 Wins – Auto
  • 7 Wins – Gauntlets
  • Flawless – Chest

Trials Passages

Players can select between five passages to help them out on their Trials runs. The options are Confidence, Ferocity, Mercy, Wealth, and Wisdom. You can pick these up in the Tower from Saint-14. Here’s what the Trials passages grant:

  • Confidence  – Get an extra reward from Flawless chests.
  • Ferocity – Bonus for three wins with no losses.
  • Mercy – Forgives a loss in your run.
  • Wealth – Get extra Trials Tokens for winning.
  • Wisdom – Receive bonus XP for winning Trials.
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