Top Drop Locations in Apex Legends

Apex Legends has been growing in popularity since the start of Season 2 back in early July. This has allowed ample time for a Reddit user to track over 120,000 matches and determine the top drop locations in Apex Legends. User ZYy9oQ created a heatmap from a tracking program based on all of the data he collected throughout the season.

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The heatmaps produced show us the most popular landing locations broken down by ranked and unranked mode. One thing that might not surprise you is that Skull Town remains the most popular place to start the battle.

While Skull Town and Market remained popular since the launch of the game, we can see players are getting more comfortable landing at other areas around the map this season.

Here is the map of the top drop locations in Apex Legends Season 2 Ranked mode:

Here is the map of the top drop locations in Apex Legends Season 2 Unranked mode:

While the two maps look similar, you can see people tend to spread out more on ranked more. This makes sense because people in ranked mode tend to play it a little more conservative to get placement points.

This is a heatmap of drop locations for Season 1:

In season 1, players were far more likely to land in Skull Town. One theory is that when the game first came out, streamers on Twitch and other platforms all made it their primary drop spot.

Below we can see the drop locations broken out by actual rank. It’s important to note that Predator rank data may be skewed because there are significantly less games played in those ranks.

Top Drop Locations in Apex Legends By Rank

Bronze Rank Drop Locations

Silver Rank Drop Locations

Gold Rank Drop Locations

Platinum Rank Drop Locations

Diamond Rank Drop Locations

Top Drop Locations in Apex Legends Predator Rank

One trend we can see is that more skilled players are fine with landing anywhere on the map. Again we can attribute this to more skilled players choosing to spread out more and play smart for placement points.

It becomes a viable strategy to see where everyone else jumps and plan accordingly. Diamond rank has an even distribution of drop locations across the entire map. Bronze players tend to just drop in Skull Town or Market.

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