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Best Class to Use in Apex Legends Season 16 – Classes Ranked

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The latest Apex Legends Season 16: Revelry implemented a lot of changes in regard to making this Battle Royale game move balanced. Since Season 1, Apex Legends has had Legend Classes, however none of them ever really meant anything to the actual gameplay of Apex. Beacon scans existed as part of a few Legends, but now that Classes have separated the 23 legends into 5 categories that can all use a new Class ability, choosing the right Legend in Ranked has never been more important. Therefore, this is our ranking of the best Class to use in Apex Legend Season 16: Revelry.

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This ranking is taking into account only the abilities of the Class, not the Legends themselves. The ranking of the Legends would be different and not based completely on their Class but rather their kit. Because of this, you should not take this as those part of the Skirmisher Class are worse than others. Rather, you will want to choose Legends that match your playstyle and not put multiple Legends within one Class as your Comp. You should utilize each Class, as all Legends being able to see what is inside a Care Package will not help you for a fight.

5. Skirmisher

Legends: Horizon, Mirage, Octane, Pathfinder, Valkyrie and Wraith

Whilst Skirmisher is filled with S and A Tier Legends, this Class is the least useful to use in Battle Royale. It does hold helpful information in regard to what Care Packages have been taken in the game, therefore you will know if a Kraber or Bochek is in play during the end game. However, when comparing this Class to others, there is just more useful Classes to use. The Skirmisher Class is excellent for Pathfinder, with his latest Ultimate buff, Pathfinder now can use the Care Packages to fast-charge his Ultimate.

The Skirmisher Class is for Legends who have great mobility and the ability to escape out of moments where you may be cornered or last alive. These Legends are perfect for getting wide angles, cracking armor or getting a pick and then repositioning. With the Skirmisher Legends typically being the highest pick Legends outside of the old scan meta, their Class makes sense for their powerful kits.

4. Assault

Legends: Ash, Bangalore, Fuse, Mad Maggie and Revenant

The new Assault Class is for Legends that typically have higher aggressive playstyles. These include Bangalore, Fuse and Mad Maggie who could quite easily become the new meta for Season 16. With Bangalore’s smoke countering Controller players, and Fuse and Maggie having Tacticals that can do damage from afar. The Assault Class offers players an extra magazine of ammo and more weapon attachments out of the red Supply Bins. This Class is excellent at your drop into the beginning of the game. It can put yourself at a great advantage when picking up extra ammo at a hotdrop as ammo depletes incredibly fast in the first fight.

The reason this Class is lower on the list is due to others being more powerful when used in the later half of the game. The Assault Class is extremely helpful for the beginning half of a match but once you reach end game you will likely have Exotic-Mythic Armor and enough ammo for two guns for the last 3v3. Apex players are used to Armor swapping and looting Death Boxes quickly to avoid third-parties, the Assault Class will not change or help how players already play the game. After all, you can get all of the attachments needed by wiping out a couple teams before end game even begins.

3. Controller

Legends: Catalyst, Caustic, Rampart and Wattson

The Controller Legend takes on the previous abilities of Valkyrie, Bloodhound, Crypto, Vantage, Pathfinder and Seer where they can scan Zone Beacons. Now Controller Legends: Catalyst, Caustic, Rampart and Wattson can do the same as the new Class set for Season 16. Many players will be used to using these Beacons but with a new set of Legends, it may feel like an unusual change. The Beacons now appear on the floor as these Legends do not have the mobility as the old Recon Legends. With this comes the possibility of being beamed as you use the Beacon, not to mention its time of use being as long as the previous Beacon Scan.

The Controller Legends are primarily played by defensive players. These suit the Zone Beacon change, and whilst most may not agree with Controller being placed third on this list, it is highly useful for the many Zone players. Not everyone wants to run around third-partying fights. The Controller Class allows for those Zone players to be able to play for placement points (although this is now harder to do with the latest Ranked System and how to effectively gain RP). Regardless, knowing where the Zone is pulling and having great game sense to predict the final circle is fantastic information for those who play smart and slow. These Zone Beacons will always be highly useful in this Battle Royale.

2. Recon

Legends: Bloodhound, Crypto, Seer and Vantage

The new Recon Class brings a new and interesting addition to the previous scan meta of Apex Legends, the Survey Beacons. What were previously used in Kings Canyon now is a permanent feature for the scan Legends in the game. Respawn have balanced the kits of Bloodhound and Seer, meaning these powerful Legends will require mastering in order to effectively use their kit. Whilst Seer and in some players opinion, Bloodhound, have seen a nerf for Season 16, scan Legends will likely remain prolific in Ranked. However, Season 16 has already seen the drop in Seer pickrates but with ImperialHal still rocking the Seer, the numbers could soar once more.

The change in the scan meta is a brilliant one, however there may be a rise in Crypto, especially to utilize his Ult for the end game. With the Survey Beacon scan showing enemies for 30 seconds, this can be highly effective for those planning their rotation into the Zone if you are an edge player, helps you decide when are where to take fights if you are aggressive or if you should avoid fights in the Ring if you are a more zone heavy player. The Beacon will not show everyone on the Map, and with few Beacons scattered throughout, players will have to be strategic in where and when to utilize the Beacon.

1. Support

Legends: Gibraltar, Lifeline, Loba and Newcastle

Season 16: Revelry improved the Support Class immensely. These Legends take on Lifelines Passive ability of being able to loot extra meds and other survival items. Not only this but, what makes this Class incredibly strong is its ability to craft Banners after losing a teammate. We are all aware of what Apex Legends has been for many Seasons, the third-party simulator. Other squads love to sit and wait by Banners for your return to rez your teammate, with the Support Class, you can now craft your dead teammates Banner with Crafting Materials and use it to bring them back via the Respawn Beacon.

This Class can be utilized by players with either aggressive or defensive playstyles, making this the best all-round Class to use in Season 16: Revelry. We are already seeing more Gibraltar and Newcastle being used, changing the meta to a more all-rounded and balanced Battle Royale game. With Lifeline getting a great buff of her Ultimate Care Package dropping in instantly, we will likely see a huge increase of Support Legends being used for Season 16.

That was our ranking of the best class to use in Apex Legends Season 16: Revelry. What do you make of this list? Do you agree with our rankings? Let us know via our Facebook page. For more Apex Legends news and guides, feel free to glance at Are Bloodhound and Seer Still Viable in Apex Legends Season 16? and When Does Mixtape Playlist Release in Apex Legends Season 16? if you are interested.

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