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Cheaters Use Infinite Reload Bug That Could Ruin Apex Legends Ranked Season 16

A reloading game killer
Image via Respawn Entertainment/ EA

Whilst the latest Season of Apex Legends has implemented a lot of new changes, including the much needed shift in the Scan Meta, although failing miserably with the new combination of Catalyst and Seer, players are quickly realising that with a new Season comes the return of the terrible Cheaters. If you are a casual player like myself, you may enjoy your time spent more on Ranked than Pubs as you face players who are of the same rank as yourself. However, a recent contagion has spread across the Ranked System which includes the return of hard Cheaters who are utilizing the latest glitch in the game, the Reload Bug. With this Bug going around like a lit cigarette being thrown into a Forest, the result could be devastating for both the playerbase and Respawn.

What is the Infinite Reload Bug?

The Reload Bug is the latest glitch that is being utilized by Cheaters within a Ranked lobby. It is used to force players into reloading their gun no matter how many bullets are inside the magazine. Not only are you always on zero on your magazine and are unable to shoot due to the reload animation, but with every reload you initial, you lose the bullets from your inventory. This then leaves players with an empty inventory and a permanent reloading gun. What originally was used as a combative cheat against squads that are aiming at the Cheater, instead now is used throughout the match. This means that you could permanently be impacted by the effect of the Reload Bug whilst other Squads are not.

Apparently the L-Star is the only weapon which negates the effect of this Bug due to the weapon not needing to reload. So if you are in a lobby with this Bug being prevalent in the game, make sure to look out for the L-Star. With that being said however, if the Cheater somehow gets downed within the game, they will also DDOS the lobby, leaving you with minus RP and a penalty for “leaving” the game.

The Downfall of Apex Ranked

Apex Legend Pros such as TSM ImperialHal discuss how a Bug like this can ruin Ranked easily if this was to continue. The use of this Bug is increasing and whilst Cheaters are being banned for using it, the Bug seems to not be going anywhere any time soon. The Apex Legends cheats are getting more consistent and out of hand recently, with many Pros struggling to maintain high Predator status due to the cheats being used that make the game unplayable. Even TSM Mande and Taxi2go have resulted to playing Minecraft instead of grinding Ranked due to the frustration of playing the game competitively.

Video via justapexthings

The Reload Bug has been around as early as April 2022, but seemingly vanished for a while with DDOS’d Servers, Aim Bot and Wall Hacking remaining at the forefront of the Cheater’s abilities. But the Infinite Reload Bug has made a return and it is effecting everyone’s games. Whilst the majority of those experiencing this hack are in Masters and Predator lobby due to the Cheater flying through the ranks, the use of cheats is ubiquitous in Apex Legends at this point. With the majority of lobbies having Cheaters with soft and hard cheats.

The Future of Apex Legends

Pros and content creators alike, such as FURIA HisWattson, GDolphn, NRG Sweetdreams, Apryze and many more have experienced the Reload Bug many times. For these players, sticking to Apex Legends and fighting through the endless amount of cheats is something they must do as it pays their bills. But for the majority of Apex Legend’s playerbase, there is nothing rewarding or satisfying about this game anymore if these cheats continue to go on at the rate that they already are.

If this continues at the rate that it is with no hotfix or large update to slow these Cheaters down, Apex Legends could experience a permanent shift towards the worst. Where players will inevitably leave the game and play another Battle Royale or FPS Game that is not filled with Cheaters in every lobby.

What do you think about the Reload Bug in Apex Legends? Do you think it is a game killer? For more Apex Legends Season 16 content, we have Best Class to Use in Apex Legends Season 16 – Classes Ranked and When Does Mixtape Playlist Release in Apex Legends Season 16? Answered.

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