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Titanage mods list – all modifications and effects

Titanage mods list

As you level up in Titanage, the Roblox game that immerses players in the Attack on Titan universe, you’ll be decking out your character in mods. Hange’s Mod Shop is found in the lobby, and allows players to spend their hard-earned cash on some fancy equipment to help them survive. Let’s take a look at all the Titanage mods in the game so far.

Titanage mods come in a few different rarities, including Common, Rare, Mastery, Legendary, and Godly. Of course, common mods are the cheapest and most ordinary, while Godly are the most powerful and expensive. Players have a 0.017% chance to get a mod from killing a titan. Masters and Godly category mods are only obtainable in hard mode. Mod drop rates may also increase while in hard mode.

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How to equip mods in Titanage

To equip mods in Titanage, go to the lobby and head to Hange’s Mods Shop. You will see a green area on the ground, and if you stand in it, a menu will pop up with an area to equip your mods. All of the mods you currently have will be in a list, and you can click on the ones you want to equip and put them on. There a two mod slots at the start, but you can unlock the third slot down the line.


Titanage mods list

Godly (.0002% Chance)

  • Midnight Cloak – If within 40 studs of a titans nape, teleport to it on swing.
  • Mod Specialist – Acquire the effects of every common and rare mod.
  • Titan Serum – Press K to shift into a titan.
  • Thunder Slice – Teleports you through a titan’s head, killing them instantly.

Legendary (1% Chance)

  • 58 Leaf Clover – Double chance at receiving mods, clothing and accessories from titans.
  • Crippling Lethality – Hitting a titan in a weak spot instantly kills them.
  • Hit and Run – Receive I-Frames for 5 seconds upon killing a titan.
  • Last Will – A second life. If you die with this mod equipped, you will consume the mod and revive.
  • Loot Box – Get a random mod after each mission.
  • Unbreakable – You will never lose blade durability.
  • Wormhole Wire – Infinite grappling range.
  • Ymir’s Blood – Titans eat you much slower.

Mastery (0.5% Chance)

  • Assassin – You will stay hidden for longer when using ambush.
  • Blade Works – Blade throw automatically targets titan napes and homes in on them.
  • Fan the Hammer – When using quick draw, it will have more range and shoot 4 titans instead of 1.
  • Medical Mastermind – Healing someone with bandages gives more xp and heals them to full health.
  • More Gunpowder – Thunder Spear Explosions are much larger.
  • Nape Grinder – When Hand Grinder is used, the Titan that grabbed you will also die.
  • Nape Tandem – Dash kill the nearest titan after a kill.
  • Phantom Missiles – Thunder Spears will only make contact with Titans.
  • Piercing Blades – Blade throw will penetrate up to 3 titans.
  • Spinning Lethality – Lower spinning slash cooldown and it can hit more titans at a time.
  • Well Prepared – There will be more gas and blades on your portable supply station.

Rare (29% Chance)

  • Bigger Coil – Longer grappling range.
  • Blood Thirsty – Restore some health on titan kill.
  • Double Whammy – On-kill effects will happen twice.
  • Flash Piston – Decreased grapple latency.
  • Gas Suppression – Consume less gas while grappling.
  • Grab Bag – You will received 3x XP from killing a titan.
  • Horse Shoes – Your horse moves faster.
  • Mending – 50% chance to heal an injury when killing a titan.
  • Piggy Bank – Receive 5 cash on titan kill.
  • Quick Thinking – Shorter cooldowns on skills.
  • Victory Supplies – Receive 1,000 Gas after killing a titan.
  • Wave Envoy – Every wave that passes in wave mode gives you max HP and cures all injuries.

Common (70% Chance)

  • Adrenaline – Your grappling speed increases depending on how many titans are nearby.
  • Armored Plating – Increase max health by 50.
  • Auto Reload – Automatically reloads blades after they break.
  • Backup Canister – Gas capacity raised by 3,000.
  • Bigger Valves – Faster gas speed.
  • Dumbfounded – If a titan is focusing you, they will turn slower.
  • Horse Feed – Your Horse will move faster.
  • Horse Whistle – Press J to call your horse.
  • Light Weight – Faster Grappling.
  • More Blades – Increases blade storage by 1.
  • Padded Clothing – More Health.
  • Refined Blades – Bigger blade hitbox.
  • Steel Bones – You are less likely to be injured
  • Victory Supplies – Receive 1,000 gas on killing a titan.
  • Weightless Blades – Faster swings.
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