The Gnome Talk Location - Secret Fortnite Challenge

There are not too many challenges in the third week of Fortnite’s fourth season of Chapter 2. You can find a few secret challenges if you look hard enough, though. One of the challenges is worth a whopping 25,000 XP, so it’s a great way to boost your Battle Pass tiers. Here’s the Gnome Talk challenge location in Fortnite.

The Gnome Talk Location – Secret Fortnite Challenge

You’re in for a surprise if you haven’t been exploring any of the secret challenges this Fortnite season. As is the case in other seasons, there are a few of these challenges that you need to explore in-game to unlock. We’ve had quite a few in the past dealing with the gnomes, and they are back again this season. 

One of the secret challenges you can complete this week is called Gnome Talk. On the southernmost tip of the map, you can find a small gathering of gnomes. It looks like a conference, set with a wooden stage, and bleachers for the audience. There’s also some slurp juice next to the head gnome in charge who’s giving the speech on stage.

Walk up to the gnome on the stage with the white top and interact with him. After that, the keg of slurp will explode, leaving the gnome with nothing but legs. After that, you should receive 25,000 XP for completing the Gnome Talk challenge. 

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