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The Epic Tfue Bugha Fortnite Rivalry Continues

The Tfue and Bugha Fortnite rivalry continues this week on Twitch. Yesterday, Tfue had an impressive 1v3 play against Bugha’s trio team where he defended himself against an ambush. Tfue was hyped from the play and immediately posted the clip to his Instagram and YouTube channel for the world to see.

In the video we can see Bugha and company attempt to contest Tfue at his usual landing spot on ‘Meteor’. Tfue gets a quick kill on Bizzle and jumps down to finish him off. That’s when Bugha and Dubs step in for some help.

As Bugha and Dubs press on him, Tfue lands a kill on one of them with a tactical shotgun and then snipes the other out of the air at long range with a pistol. Tfue then stands up from his chair and uses every insult in the book to throw salt in the wound.

Fortnite World Cup Champion Bugha and his Trio partners Bizzle and Dubs were determined to get revenge on Tfue yesterday after getting destroyed in the 3v1 situation.

We can see the revenge play from Bugha’s point of view in the Twitch clip above. Bugha and his squad were lurking on the cliffs above Tfue, who was not aware of what was coming. Tfue then gets downed and finished off in a matter of seconds as Bugha leaps onto him from the cliffs above.

The second clip is the play from Tfue’s point of view. As you can see he had no idea what was about to happen to him. Though his teammate did mention there was a”bushy boy there”, Tfue didn’t hear his call out.

Tfue and Bugha will probably have many more back and forth battles this week as the feud heats up.

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