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The Best Way to Farm Architect Merlot in Roblox Arcane Odyssey

Farm this boss quickly!
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Roblox Arcane Odyssey just released for early access on Roblox and the game is quickly proving itself to be a favorite amongst the community for a whole variety of reasons. Jam-packed with a ton of content, including tough bosses and engaging quests, you are placed in the role of a mage as you work to become the most powerful in the game. Choose among the various different types of weapons and magic in this RPG and work in a clan or go it alone as you struggle to carve out your own territory and expand your influence. In this guide we will cover how to defeat and farm Architect Merlot, a boss who is well-known for his poison attacks and the large amount of Gold that he drops on death!

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How Do You Farm Architect Merlot in Roblox Arcane Odyssey?

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Taking on this boss in Arcane Odyssey is no small feat, especially because of the poison damage players can face when they are in battle. Therefore, it is important that you cheese the boss by not actually travelling down to his lair and instead staying on the surface of the island. Do this by standing directly above him – technically – but you are aboveground and he is still under it. Then you can attack him from above and deal damage in quick succession, by hitting him through the ground. Confused on how to do this? That’s why we’re here!

How Is it Possible to Hit Through the Ground?!

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After heading to this island to face off against Architect Merlot, you will need to create/customize a spell in order to make it hit him through the ground. This can be done by increasing the Size of the spell to 100 (the maximum) and selecting the Pillar type. Then, spam it when you are over top of his layer in order to quickly take him out. We recommend either an Ice type spell or a Poison type spell to really deal a ton of damage while you make use of this method in the game. Good luck, and watch out for his own poison attacks! They have been known to occasionally (but rarely) shoot back up at you through the ground!

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