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How to Use Treasure Charts in Roblox Arcane Odyssey

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Here’s a fun fact: real-life pirates didn’t actually bury their treasure that much. The only one who ever did it was Captain William Kidd, and he only did it one time, but somehow buried treasure has become a mainstay of naval fiction. Take Arcane Odyssey for instance, where buried treasure is all over the dang place if you’ve got a map for it. Here’s how to use Treasure Charts in Roblox Arcane Odyssey.

How to Use Treasure Charts in Roblox Arcane Odyssey

Treasure Charts are special items in Roblox Arcane Odyssey that, when read, lead you to the location of valuable buried treasure. Treasure Charts only spawn in Scroll Chests, which occasionally take the place of regular treasure chest drops, but only if you’re at least level 40.

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Treasure Charts contain explicit directions to a Treasure Spot somewhere in the world where you can dig up a handful of treasure chests chock full of loot. A single Treasure Chart can have directions for up to five different Treasure Spots, though you’ll only get the directions to them by finding the Spots that precede them. Keep in mind that Treasure Charts are temporary items; if you log out or die, they’ll disappear. Don’t bother looking for Treasure Spots without a Chart, either, as they’ll only appear when you have a Chart in your possession.

Following the Chart

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When you first receive a Treasure Chart, a window will open up on your screen containing the Chart’s directions. Don’t worry, we’re not doing any treasure riddles here; the instructions are very clearly outlined. It’ll tell you the island to visit, the general location on the island, and a few obvious landmarks to look out for.

Head to the spot in the instructions with a shovel and dig around to find 2-3 Treasure Chests or Sealed Chests. If the Chart has multiple Treasure Spots, they’ll reveal themselves in sequence after you dig up the treasure. The best stuff is usually saved for the last Spot, so make sure you finish the whole Chart to maximize your rewards.

Whenever you’re lucky enough to find a Treasure Chart, you should prioritize digging up the goods ASAP! It’s perfectly good treasure, just waiting for you!

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