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The Best Rumbleverse Combos

Get your grapple on with these hard-hitting combos!
Rumble Cover Art Characters
Image via Epic Games

Rumbleverse has emerged on the scene as the latest game in the battle royale genre. What sets it apart from most is its focus on melee combat instead of ranged weapons like guns or bows. This creates a unique game where precision and timing are vital to success. A lot of this precision and timing can be found in the Rumbleverse combos. Once you get the hang of them, you’ll be crushing the competition in no time. That’s why we’re gonna show you the best Rumbleverse combos to use.

The Best Rumbleverse Combos

Hammer Fist

Rumbleverse Hammer Fist Instructions
Image via Epic Games

The first of the Rumbleverse combos that you’ll learn is the Hammer Fist. You perform the move by hitting the attack button three times. On PlayStation, you’ll hit square. On Xbox, you’ll hit X. If you use a mouse and keyboard on PC, hit the left mouse button. At the end of every Hammer Fist combo, the opponent is knocked down allowing for an elbow drop follow-up, which is performed by jumping and pressing the attack button. This combo does some light damage to the opponent but it can do more if done while holding a weapon such as a steel chair or street sign.

Spin Kick

Rumbleverse Spin Kick Instructions
Image via Epic Games

One of the most useful Rumbleverse combos is the Spin Kick. It’s performed by hitting the attack button and then quickly pressing the throw button. Doing this will launch your opponent away from you. What makes this one of the best Rumbleverse combos is its ability to create space and extend combos. If you perform a spin kick into a wall, this will give the opponent the splat status effect. For a few seconds, they’ll be stunned in place. This will allow you to perform a throw or even a special mode attack, allowing you to deal them some serious damage depending on what perks you may have.

Back Toss

Rumbleverse Back Toss Instructions
Image via Epic Games

The Back Toss is one of the best Rumbleverse combos if you’re looking for a way to create some distance with your opponent and do even more damage to them. The move is done by hitting the attack button twice and then hitting throw. This sends the opponent flying behind you towards the ground. If you’re quick enough, you’ll be able to do more damage to them with an elbow drop.

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