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How to Unlock Perks in Rumbleverse

Want an edge in battle? Here is how to unlock perks
Image via Iron Galaxy/Epic Games

Rumbleverse is the latest battle royale game where the only way to win is through fisticuff madness. Remember those nights practicing WWE moves on your siblings, friends, or cousins? Now you can play all of your rough and tumble activities online. Through your punching and slamming, you may find that you gather random perks throughout the game. What are these perks, and how do you get them?

What Are Perks in Rumbleverse?

First, we must get to grips with what perks are. Perks are passive bonuses that you will benefit from throughout the remainder of your match and will grant you advantages.

The perks are as follows:

  • Aerodynamic – Bigger Explosions From Lower Altitude Elbows
  • Ballistic – Perform a Ballistic Blow After Landing a Dropkick
  • Bombastic – Hammer Fist Combo Ender Causes Explosion
  • Brainbuster – Basic Vicious Attack Levels Up
  • Meditative – Stand Still to Slowly Regenerate Health
  • Nimble – Dodging Costs 50% Less Stamina
  • Rabbit Foot – Long Jump Costs 40% Less Stamina
  • Runner – Dashing Costs 40% Less Stamina
  • Sadistic – Deal Damage to Heal Yourself 2%
  • Satisfaction – Score an Elimination to Gain Energized and Healing
  • Temper – Temporarily Deal 20% More Damage After Taking Damage
  • The Burn – Restore 20% Health After Using a Protein Pod
  • Weapon Master – Weapon Attacks Deal 30% More Damage
  • Windfist – Getup Backfist Clears More Space
  • Wooooo – Basic Attack and Charged Basic Attack Build More Superstar

These 15 perks may be benefiting you in the ring, or they may be serving your opponents!

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How to UnlockPperks

You may be confused to see nothing on the main menu about perks. And this is because you do not bring them into battle with you. No, you must earn them during the fight. if you press the escape button during the match, you will be presented with a menu. On the right side, next to the map, is the perks screen.

Rumbleverse perks
screenshot by GJ / Epic Games

To earn a perk, you must deal damage to your opponents. The more damage you inflict, the more the meter will fill up. Once the meter will fill up, it will grant you a random perk. Sorry, but you cannot choose what perk the game gives you, so make sure to make do with what you got.

The meter will then reset and will require even more damage than before for you to earn your next perk. The game will grant you ten perks before you hit your maximum.

So get out there and get bashing.

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