The Best Mods for Hades

As fun as the inherent randomness of a rogue-like (or rogue-lite) is, there may come a point where you need a little more tabasco in your soup, so to speak. Even a game like Hades, with its constant shifting variables, could do with a bit of zhuzhing up at times. If you need a little something extra, then welcome to the wonderful world of mods! Here are the best mods for Hades so far.

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The Best Mods for Hades

There’s many different options to choose from, but these are what we consider to be the best mods for Hades:

  • Climb of Sisyphus
  • Dual Wielding
  • Weapon Mastery

Climb of Sisyphus

Call me a sadist, but there’s something I love about going back to an earlier part of a game with maxed out stats and completely curb-stomping anything that looks at me funny. If you’re saddened about losing your boons and buffs at the end of a run, try the Climb of Sisyphus mod.

With this mod, after clearing a run, you’ll have the option to fling yourself back down to the first floor of Tartarus with all of your boons and upgrades intact. The rarity of boons you obtain will raise, and your odds for boon exchanges will improve. However, the strength of enemies and the size of encounters will also increase proportionally, so I hope you had a good kit going.

Dual Wielding

Remember in the mid 2000s when dual wielding weapons was the new big thing? Two guns in Halo, two keyblades in Kingdom Hearts, everyone was doing it. It’s like Moe Szyslak said, two knives are pretty terrific. With that in mind, why limit yourself to just one ancient god-slaying weapon when you can have two?

With the Dual Wielding mod, you can swap on the fly between any two weapons and aspects (even ones you haven’t unlocked yet, you cheater). To keep things somewhat balanced, though, you can’t use them at the same time. Rather, when you land at least 5 hits on an enemy, Zagreus will flash white, and then you can swap to your other weapon.

Weapon Mastery

Maybe you just want a little more flash in your weapon-wielding experience. A smarmy title, maybe? Some cool, flashy effects, perhaps? Well, good news: the Weapon Mastery mod gives you both of those! This mod adds a secondary experience point mechanic to all of your weapons, gaining points as you use them (and a lot more if you succeed with them).

When you level up, you’ll receive fun new mastery titles, and on higher levels, your weapons will gain in-game cosmetic effects. Do you get anything practical from high levels? Nope! But who doesn’t love watching numbers count up, right?

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