How to Farm Ambrosia in Hades

How to Farm Ambrosia in Hades

I’ve heard it said that the restless souls of the dead, more than anything, miss simple mortal pleasures. Running through a grassy field, holding hands with a loved one, and of course, getting drunk. Unfortunately, the finest of vintages, the godly Ambrosia, can’t just be picked up at the liquor store in Hades. Luckily, as with any massive prison system, there are plenty of contraband back channels. Here’s how to farm Ambrosia in Hades.

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How to Farm Ambrosia in Hades

Much like Titan Blood and Diamonds, your first and foremost source of Ambrosia is clearing runs. Every time you defeat Theseus and Asterius at the end of Elysium, you’ll receive a fresh bottle of the good stuff, provided you do so either with a weapon you haven’t used yet or at a Heat level you haven’t cleared. This, however, isn’t exactly the most efficient way to assemble a properly stocked wine cellar. 

The lion’s share of your supply of Ambrosia will likely come from fulfilling prophecies on the Fated List of Minor Prophecies. Not only do lots of prophecies yield Ambrosia, some of them can reward you quite a few bottles at once. To highlight a few examples:

  • Successfully learning to play the lute will grant 1 bottle of Ambrosia.
  • Escaping to the surface while using a weapon’s Hidden Aspect will grant 2 bottles of Ambrosia.
  • Defeating Theseus and Asterius while at level 3 of the Pact of Punishment’s “Extreme Measures” on the urgings of Poseidon grants 3 bottles of Ambrosia.
  • Completing relationship requests for certain characters will grant 4 bottles of Ambrosia.
  • Obtaining all of the Duo Boons in the game will grant an impressive 15 bottles of Ambrosia.

Aside from the Fated List, you can also obtain a bottle of Ambrosia by trading a bass, caught from the waters of Greece, to the Lounge Chef. The Wretched Broker will also trade you a bottle of Ambrosia in exchange for 2 Diamonds, though since Diamonds are much rarer than Ambrosia, that might not be such a good trade for you. If you want to get Ambrosia from the Broker, wait until he has a limited-time offer to trade you a bottle for either Titan Blood or Nectar. 

Using Ambrosia

Much like Nectar is a gift for new friends, Ambrosia is a gift for close friends. Once you gift enough Nectars to someone and reach the lock icon in their Codex entry, they’ll ask you to fulfill a request for you. If you can fulfill that request, the lock will break, and you’ll be able to start gifting them Ambrosia to deepen your relationship. 

For most characters, this is just a matter of flavor text, but some will reciprocate your gift with a Companion plushie. You can bring one of these into a run with you to summon that character for some quick aid, and if you feed the Companion more Ambrosia in the Keepsakes menu, it’ll get stronger.

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