Best Builds to Beat Hades

While the walls of the Underworld in Hades are constantly shifting and repopulating, there are certain rules of regularity that govern them. When you learn to bend these rules to your whim, you can break through the regularity and breeze through to the very end with nary a scratch. Here are some of the best builds to beat Hades.

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Making it Work

A good Hades build is, well, built on a three-part foundation: your weapon, and two Olympians. Different Olympian Boons synergize differently with each other, and those synergies, in turn, amplify your weapons differently depending on their Aspects. With the right combination, you can become a truly unstoppable juggernaut.

Coronacht, Artemis, and Dionysus

Artemis and the Heart-Seeking Bow are obviously a match made on Olympus, but throwing the God of Wine into the mix turns it into a party. Coronacht’s Aspect of Hera allows you to load your projectiles into your arrows and fire them off, combining the damage of both while also simultaneously applying both attack and projectile effects. Most of the ranged Boons work well with this, but one of the best is Dionysus’ Trippy Shot, which creates a massive cloud of poison on impact. Pair that with Artemis’ Quick Reload to get your crystals back quickly, and you can pepper the entire field with poison in less than a minute.

Malphon, Poseidon, and Zeus

The Twin Fists, in their Aspect of Demeter, unleash a savage Giga Cutter uppercut that sends foes flying. If you can combine the Fists with Poseidon’s knockback Boons, plus the subsequent Razor Shoals Boon to apply Rupture on knocked foes, you can pummel foes clear to the other side of the room and right into a wall for bonus damage. Add on Zeus’ Thunder Dash, and you become a terrifying missile, zooming around the field and knocking enemies into next week.

Aegis, Ares, and Athena

Ares and Athena have one of the better Duo Boons in the game, Merciful End. Any attacks with Athena’s Deflection will automatically trigger Ares’ Doom effects, so if you can land a lot of hits quickly, then that’s a lot of Doom at once. To this end, you’ll want the Shield of Chaos with the Aspect of Zeus, the special of which throws the shield out and deals constant damage as it flies. If you have Athena’s special Boon and Ares’ attack Boon, you can throw the shield at a foe, then run up and start whaling on them. Your attack will cast Doom, while the shield activates it in rapid succession. Against single foes, this is absolutely devastating. 

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