Weapons of Hades

The Weapons of Hades Explained

When you think “a weapon that can kill a god,” you’d probably assume some kind of horrifying dreadnought of a death-dealer, right? While the weapons of Hades are ancient and renowned, they’re not especially different from mortal weapons. Their real power is awakened in the capable hands of Prince Zagreus, honed from years of practice. I imagine you don’t have years, so here are all of the weapons of Hades explained.

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Good ol’ Stygius is the first weapon you have at your disposal in the game, and it’s a good baseline to judge the other weapons against. It swings in a three-hit combo with a fairly wide berth and middling range. The special slams the ground, creating a large shockwave, and the dash attack deals some extra damage. If you’re a no-frills kind of player, Stygius won’t steer you wrong.


This big ol’ poker has the best range of the melee weapons. However, since it’s a spear, both its basic attacks and throwing special only go in a straight line, so you need to be mindful of where you’re poking. Charging up the attack will unleash a massive sweeping circle good for culling large groups, though mastering the charge timing takes some practice. 


For the more patient out there, Aegis rewards waiting and watching with some mighty single attacks. The basic attack is a simple smash that won’t do much for you, but if you charge it up, you can perform a shield bash in a straight line that knocks foes away. While you’re charging, you’re also impervious to all attacks that come from right in front of you. The special throws the shield, causing it to bounce between foes and destructible objects before returning. 


If you prefer your carnage a little less intimate, Coronacht is a good choice. The normal attack lets loose arrows that become faster and more potent if you charge them up. Firing off an arrow right when the charge peaks will multiply its damage. The special fires off several arrows in a conical pattern in front of you, not especially damaging, but good for nudging smaller enemies.


When you’re wearing the Twin Fists, the only words in your vocabulary are “stick” and “move.” Holding down the attack button lets loose a five-hit combo, not especially strong, but with virtually no cooldown. Both the dash attack and the special offer unique uppercuts, hitting once and twice respectively. Dash, combo, uppercut, repeat. It’s a winning formula.


A gun? In my ancient Greece? It’s more likely than you think. Exagryph fires off a clip of bullets that must be manually reloaded when they run out. The special lobs a grenade that’s a little slow, but hits in a wide area. Exagryph isn’t great for beginners, as it’s the only weapon that forces you into a moment of inactivity, but the right combination of Boons can turn it into an unstoppable artillery. 

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