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Hades Soundtrack Tracklist

Hades Soundtrack Tracklist
Image via Supergiant Games

I’ve heard it theorized that in the Underworld, the only music that ever plays is heavy metal. That does sound pretty awesome, and it would certainly go well with the scenery. Of course, heavy metal is very much a circumstantial genre of music; it’d get kind of old after a while if that’s all that you listen to. Luckily, if we use Hades as our baseline, then not only does the Underworld have some quality metal, but lots of relaxing tracks as well to clear your palette. Here’s the tracklist for the Hades Original Soundtrack.

As you’d expect from a game that draws heavily on Greek mythology, the soundtrack of Hades makes extensive use of old-school string instruments, such as lyres and guitars, as well as simpler instruments like chimes and drums. However, these humble instruments merge together with some kick-awesome metal guitar solos and bass pedal action to create a sound that is deep, foreboding, and hot-blooded. Of course, there’s plenty of slower, ballad-style tracks, mostly from either Orpheus, Eurydice, or on the rare occasion, both.

Hades Soundtrack Tracklist

Here’s the tracklist for the Hades Original Soundtrack:

  1. No Escape
  2. The House of Hades
  3. Out of Tartarus
  4. Wretched Shades
  5. Lament of Orpheus
  6. The Painful Way
  7. From Olympus
  8. Through Asphodel
  9. Good Riddance (Eurydice Solo ft. Ashley Barrett)
  10. Final Expense
  11. Mouth of Styx
  12. Primordial Chaos
  13. The Bloodless
  14. Scourge of the Furies
  15. Hymn to Zagreus
  16. Field of Souls
  17. River of Flame
  18. Death and I
  19. Rage of the Myrmidons
  20. The Exalted
  21. Last Words
  22. The King and the Bull
  23. Lament of Orpheus (Underworld Mix)
  24. Gates of Hell
  25. God of the Dead
  26. Final Expense (Payback Mix)
  27. On the Coast
  28. In the Blood (ft. Ashley Barrett)
  29. The Unseen Ones (ft. Masahiro Aoki and Daisuke Kurosawa)
  30. Good Riddance (ft. Ashley Barrett)

The soundtrack is available digitally on Bandcamp, Steam and Spotify. You can also get it on a CD or vinyl from Supergiant Games’ official store (though the vinyls are sold out at time of writing).

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