Hades Romance Options Explained

Hades Romance Options Explained

When you’re immortal and have a lot of time on your hands, your mind understandably starts wandering toward the possibility of companionship. Prince Zagreus of Hades is, let’s be real here, quite a catch, and anyone would be lucky to have him. The question is, how can Zagreus romance those he’s closest to? Here are all the Hades romance options explained.

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Romancing Megaera

After the first time you defeat Meg in Tartarus, she’ll start hanging out in the House of Hades Lounge, and it’s here that you can gift her with Nectar. As you give her gifts, she may show up in Zagreus’ room to collect some of her belongings before leaving. Once you give her six Nectars, she’ll appear in Zagreus’ room again to inform him that she only fights him out of obligation. This is when you’ll need to earn her favor by defeating her sisters, Alecto and Tisiphone, at least once each (which you’ll probably have done already). 

Once her lock breaks, you can start giving her Ambrosia. After you give her enough to max out her affinity, she’ll appear in Zagreus’ room one last time with an… invitation, let’s say. If you want a relationship, say yes, if you don’t, say no.

Romancing Thanatos

After you encounter Than during a run, he’ll be on standby in the west wing of the House of Hades. He doesn’t need to come to Zagreus’ room, but you do need to have regular conversations with him as you gift him the requisite six Nectars. 

When you reach the lock, he’ll ask you to prove your strength, which means killing more enemies than him when he appears during a run. The lock will break, and the Ambrosia can start flowing. Give him enough to max his affinity, and like Meg, he’ll appear in Zagreus’ room with a proposal. Agree for a relationship, disagree to stay friends.

Romancing Dusa

Dusa can be found here and there around the House, though she’s most frequently located in the Lounge. Once again, six Nectars until you hit the lock. To earn Dusa’s favor, you’ll need to requisition at least 12 renovations to the Lounge from the House Contractor, including undoing all of the damage Cerberus did to it. Talking to her after this will break her lock.

This, however, is where things get a little complicated. Unlike Meg and Than, Dusa will require gradually more Ambrosia at once for each affinity level rather than just one a pop, maxing out at five at once. When her affinity’s maxed, she will appear in Zagreus’ room, but unfortunately, she’s not looking for a relationship right now and would rather just stay friends. She’ll offer to give you all of your Ambrosia back, and you can take them without any repercussions. 

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