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The Best Magic Types in Roblox Arcane Odyssey

You're a wizard, Roblox!
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Roblox Arcane Odyssey recently opened for early access on Roblox, and players are quickly falling in love with the game’s simple animations yet complex combat mechanics. The fighting system in Arcane Odyssey is very intuitive, and while some newer players may have difficulty first picking it up working to overcome the learning curve is definitely worth the effort. Journey around the world and join a clan to fight others, or go it alone and carve out your own territory as you work to become the most powerful mage in the game. In this guide we cover the best types of magic to learn in Arcane Odyssey, examining clash disadvantages and other benefits from choosing these types in the RPG game on Roblox.

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Which Magic Types are the Best in Roblox Arcane Odyssey?

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There are plenty of different magic types to choose from in Roblox Arcane Odyssey, and this large amount of variety can often have players confused about which are the best to pick from. This is especially true since some magic types have damage bonuses or weaknesses. So without further ado, here are the best magic types to pick in the game.

Explosion Magic

Arguably the best pick in the game, especially when considering clash disadvantages, Explosion Magic has often been the top pick for players who enjoy the combat side of Arcane Odyssey. Watch out for Metal magic users as fighting them will quickly lead to your downfall if you aren’t careful! Here are the clash interactions when using this magic.

  • 1.4x clash advantage against Glass
  • 1.3x clash advantage against Water, Wind, Sand, Crystal, and Snow
  • 1.2x clash advantage against Ash, Acid, Fire, Ice, Light, and Shadow
  • Neutral against Earth, Magma, Wood, and Poison
  • 0.9x clash disadvantage against Lightning, and Plasma
  • 0.8x clash disadvantage against Metal

Lightning Magic

Shock your opponents with this high-skill magic type in Arcane Odyssey! Strong against many of the other preferred magic types in the game, including Explosion, this magic type can be trusted to help you destroy your enemies in battle. It is pretty weak against Wind, Water and Metal, so make sure that you do avoid these types of magic. However, since it counters Explosion fairly this magic type has recently been a top pick for combat experts. Here are the clash stats for this magic type.

  • 1.3x Clash advantage against Shadow and Sand
  • 1.2x Clash advantage against Ice, Light, and Plasma
  • 1.1x Clash advantage against Explosion and Wood
  • Neutral against Ash, Fire, Magma, Poison, Glass, Crystal, Snow, and Earth
  • 0.9x Clash disadvantage against Acid
  • 0.7x Clash disadvantage against Wind, Water and Metal

Metal Magic

This magic type is our personal favorite, especially because of how powerful it is against almost every other magic type in the game. In fact, Metal magic almost seems a little overpowered with how few weaknesses it has compared to its strengths – especially against Wind! Here is the full list of its clash interactions.

  • 1.8x clash advantage against Wind
  • 1.7x clash advantage against Glass
  • 1.55x clash advantage against Water
  • 1.4x clash advantage against Crystal and Snow
  • 1.35x clash advantage against Fire and Acid
  • 1.3x clash advantage against Ice, Lightning, Wood, Poison, and Sand
  • 1.25x clash advantage against Shadow, Ash, and Plasma
  • 1.2x clash advantage against Explosion, Earth, and Light
  • 0.9x clash disadvantage against Magma

Earth Magic

Annihilate your opponents while being in-tune with nature, as you make use of Earth magic to become the most powerful mage in the game. This type of magic is exceptional mainly because of how few weaknesses it has, and also since it can take on the popular Explosion magic type with a Neutral clash interaction. Here is every one of those that affects Earth magic.

  • 1.7x clash advantage against Wind
  • 1.6x clash advantage against Glass
  • 1.5x clash advantage against Water
  • 1.3x clash advantage against Acid, Light, Fire, and Snow
  • 1.2x clash advantage against Crystal, Ice, Sand, Shadow, Poison, and Plasma
  • 1.15x clash advantage against Wood and Ash
  • Neutral against Explosion
  • 0.9x clash disadvantage against Lightning
  • 0.8x clash disadvantage against Magma
  • 0.7x clash disadvantage against Metal

Wood Magic

Following up on the earth theme that we have going on right now, Wood magic is one that we would choose if we didn’t like Metal so much. Just watch out for the combustible magic users such as Magma and Fire, since they can be your downfall as a Wood magic user. Here is every clash interaction for players who make use of Wood magic.

  • 1.6x clash advantage against Wind
  • 1.5x clash advantage against Glass
  • 1.25x clash advantage against Water
  • 1.2x clash advantage against Light
  • 1.15x clash advantage against Ice
  • 1.1x clash advantage against Snow, Shadow, Sand, and Poison
  • Neutral against Explosion
  • 0.9x clash disadvantage against Ash, Acid, Crystal, and Lightning
  • 0.85x clash disadvantage against Earth
  • 0.75x clash disadvantage against Fire
  • 0.5x clash disadvantage against Magma
  • 0.7x clash disadvantage against Metal
  • 0.65x clash disadvantage against Plasma

Wind Magic

Sure, we have shown you plenty of magic types that can beat around Wind magic fairly easily. However, it is also great against some of the top types like Lightning and Ash, which means that picking Wind can be the difference between victory and death when you take on these frequently used magic types in combat. Therefore, consider using Wind magic for the surprise factor it offers and blow your opponents away (pun intended) when they face you in battle. Here are all of its clash interactions that you will come across in the game.

  • 1.5x clash advantage against Snow
  • 1.4x clash advantage against Sand
  • 1.3x clash advantage against Lightning and Poison
  • 1.1x clash advantage against Ash
  • Neutral against Acid, Water, & Fire
  • 0.8x clash disadvantage against Light and Plasma
  • 0.7x clash disadvantage against Explosion and Shadow
  • 0.6x clash disadvantage against Ice, Glass, and Magma
  • 0.4x clash disadvantage against Wood and Crystal
  • 0.3x clash disadvantage against Earth
  • 0.2x clash disadvantage against Metal

Sand Magic

Pocket sand! Yeah, we love that surprise attack too. While Sand magic in Roblox Arcane Odyssey is not exactly a stealthy type of magic, it can certainly help to beat around other popular magic types such as Lightning and Ash, similar to Wind which we just covered above. Just keep an eye out for any Magma magic type users, since their scorching attacks can prove to be lethal against this magic type. Here are all of Sand magic’s clash interactions.

  • 1.3x clash advantage against Light and Shadow
  • 1.2x clash advantage against Wind and Poison
  • 1.15x clash advantage against Ash
  • 1.1x clash advantage against Fire
  • Neutral against Plasma and Snow
  • 0.9x clash disadvantage against Wood, Water, Ice, Glass, and Crystal
  • 0.8x clash disadvantage against Acid and Earth
  • 0.7x clash disadvantage against Explosion, Lightning, and Metal
  • 0.6x clash disadvantage against Magma

Crystal Magic

Oooh, shiny! Crystal magic does very well against a lot of the natural types such as Wind and Water, but does not hold up well when pitted against Metal and Explosion. That means you will need to avoid these popular types, so Crystal is certainly more of a niche pick when it comes to choosing your preferred Magic type in Arcane Odyssey. Here are all of its clash advantages and disadvantages.

  • 1.6x clash advantage against Wind
  • 1.5x clash advantage against Glass
  • 1.4x clash advantage against Water
  • 1.2x clash advantage against Acid, Ash, Fire, and Light
  • 1.1x clash advantage against Ice, Wood, Poison, Shadow, Plasma, Sand, and Snow
  • Neutral against Lightning and Magma
  • 0.8x clash disadvantage against Earth
  • 0.7x clash disadvantage against Explosion
  • 0.6x clash disadvantage against Metal

Ash Magic

Well, it’s about time that we got to this type of magic! One of the more popular types in terms of combat, especially among veterans of the game, Ash magic can be absolutely destructive in the hands of an experienced user. That’s because of the power it wields, especially against magic types such as Light and Snow. Also, it is mainly weak against Shadow magic which is a very rare sight in the recent Arcane Odyssey meta. Here all of the clash interactions that you will need to make note of if you decide to make use of Ash magic.

  • 1.3x clash advantage against Light and Snow
  • 1.1x clash advantage against Wood and Poison
  • Neutral against Lightning and Magma
  • 0.95x clash disadvantage against Acid, Ice, and Plasma
  • 0.9x clash disadvantage against Water and Fire
  • 0.85x clash disadvantage against Earth, Sand, and Glass
  • 0.8x clash disadvantage against Wind, Crystal, and Explosion
  • 0.75x clash disadvantage against Metal
  • 0.7x clash disadvantage against Shadow

That marks the end of our list on the best types of magic to use in Roblox Arcane Odyssey! If you are on the hunt for more articles discussing this great game, don’t miss our informative guide on forming clans and claiming islands or our tutorial about how to set your spawn in the game. Be sure to check out our Facebook page as well for more of the latest news and helpful content about the games that you know and love to play!

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