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The Best Core Keeper Pets You Need to Collect

Find yourself a companion in this underground world!
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A survival crafting game set underground with an extensive base-building system sounds ideal for anyone who enjoys the genre. It’s expansive and offers many possibilities with unique biomes and cave systems, but it is also quite lonely. After all, you’re trapped underground. However, Core Keeper solves this issue by offering companions. You can have a pet! Here are the best Core Keeper pets you need to find today!

The Best Pets in Core Keeper

The pets in Core Keeper offer unique buffs in the form of various abilities, like lighting up cave systems or providing a damage buff to boss enemies. As such, whether you’re new or a veteran of the game, chances are you want a pet with you!

EmbertailCurious EggBearded Merchant9-11 Ranged Damage
+2 Glow
+16 Burn Damage
OwluxLively EggAncient Crate
Large Ancient Crate
Overgrown Wooden Crate
Wooden Crate
+7.6% Movement Speed for Players
+6.5% Damage for Players
Jr. Orange SlimeOozy EggGlurch the Abominous Mass11-13 Melee Damage
-23.5% Enemy Movement Speed
+15% Damage Against Boss Enemies
SubterrierLoyal EggDigging Spot11-13 Melee Damage
10% Chance to Stun
+10% Critical Hit Chance
FanhareNimble EggFlower Vessel
Large Flower Vessel
9-11 Ranged Damage
12% Chance to Poison and reduce healing by 75%
+1 Target Pierced by Projectiles

While only a few pets are in the game, these 5 are some of the most valuable companions in the caverns. They offer significant boons against boss enemies, increased damage and movement speed, and poison effects.

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How to Get Pets in Core Keeper?

To get pets in Core Keeper, you must first track down their egg and then build and use an Egg Incubator. For that, you require a few materials:

  • 8 Copper Bars
  • 8 Glass Pieces

With these resources, you can build an Incubator and start training pets, though it takes approximately 30 minutes for one egg to hatch.

If you want more Core Keeper guides, visit Gamer Journalist. We’ll teach you about the best-ranged weapons in the game and plenty more to come!

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