Best Ranged Weapons in Core Keeper

Better clench up, Legolas.
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To be quite honest with you, I’ve always been a melee guy. See, being able to deal damage directly in front of the target and being at risk of being hit as well is something that, simply put, makes me feel alive. However, I’m a big Legolas fan, so I’m a sucker for bow and arrow wielding characters in particular, ranged weapon wielding characters in general. And in a multiplayer, sandbox, endless cavern game such as Core Keeper, well, it is a nice way to handle things to be able to use one’s own hands. And by “own hands”, I mean a certain contraption that delivers projectiles, preferably to the enemies’ face. Here are the best ranged weapons in Core Keeper.

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Best Ranged Weapons in Core Keeper

While having a slingshot surely is nice, specially if you had the chance to have one in your childhood to provoke mischief. After a while, you’re going to notice that you need something else that will spice up your ranged weaponry capabilities. So, you better check out these options in order for you to collect the best ranged weapons in Core Keeper.

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  • Blowpipe: now, you don’t get to sedate bears with this blowpipe, but you get to deal a consistent and fast stream of significant damage to your enemies (that means, a very high rate of fire).
    • Damage: 98-118
    • Attacks Per Second: 1.7
    • Maximum Durability: 250
    • 15% chance of poisoning the target.
  • Fireball Staff: an early weapon for an early advantage. Now, being able to throw fireballs may sound primitive, but in Core Keeper, with the Fireball Staff, you get to shoot a LARGE exploding fireball. Not even Mario could do it better.
    • Damage: 131-159
    • Attacks Per Second: 1.0
    • Maximum Durability: 250
  • Scholar’s Staff: take all I said about the Fireball Staff, and replace it with magic. Magical bolts of energy going straight to your enemy does sound interesting, huh?
    • Damage: 200-244
    • Attacks Per Second: 1
    • Maximum Durability: 250
  • Hand Mortar: one of, if not the deadliest ranged weapon in the game. Furthermore, The Hand Mortar promises to ensure destruction for your enemies, specially does that are packed in a large group.
    • Damage: 20-24 (+103-125 explosion damage)
    • Attacks Per Second: 0.7
    • Maximum Durability: 250
  • Octarine Bow: another of the best ranged weapons in the game, the Octarine Bow is a force to be reckoned. Don’t neglect it for being new, it might be your best new friend.
    • Damage: 149-181
    • Attacks Per Second: 1.4
    • Maximum Durability: 250

Prepare for more cavern digging ranged action and be sure to take hold of the best ranged weapons available to you. I promise you won’t regret it.

Core Keeper is available on Windows and Linux. If you like our Core Keeper content, be sure to check out Where to Find Eggs in Core Keeper’s Great Egg Hunt and All Core Keeper Backgrounds.

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