How to get the Mysterious Idol in Core Keeper

It's about to become a lot less mysterious.
mysterious idol in core keeper
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Core Keeper is a sandbox game where players are tasked with exploring and uncovering the secrets of a series of dangerous caverns and environments. With up to 8 players, you must fight, mine, build and explore the settings to get better gear, find secrets, and grow. If you have a thirst for fighting, then you may want the company of the Caveling Merchant, which is only available through the Mysterious Idol. Here is how to get the Mysterious Idol in Core Keeper.

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How to get the Mysterious Idol in Core Keeper

What is the Mysterious Idol?

The Mysterious Idol is an item that will summon the Caveling Merchant, otherwise known as an NPC-summoning item. The Caveling Merchant will be a significant addition if you want to be able to resummon some bosses to fight all over again.

With the Caveling Merchant, you can summon the Hive Mother, King Slime, and Ghorm the Devourer. You can also purchase many other useful items.

caveling merchant in core keeper
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Naturally, you won’t just need the Mysterious Idol, but also a habitable room for the Caveling Merchant to move into.

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You can sell it for 50 ancient coin, but you would be better off summoning the merchant!

Defeating the Devourer

To get the Mysterious Idol, you will need to tussle with a great boss: Ghorm the Devourer. The Devourer circles in tunnels in the Clay Caves and Forgotten Ruins in the centre of the map.

ghorm the devourer in core keeper
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You must be careful when fighting Ghorm, as it destroys anything in its way, being virtually unstoppable, so there’ll be nothing in its way as it charges towards you.

You will know when you are on Ghorm’s trail, as it leaves behind a trail of slime and dirt, no matter what it slides over.

When you kill it, it will drop the Mysterious Idol as a guaranteed drop.

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