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The Best Bond Skills in Persona 5 Strikers

The Best Bond Skills in Persona 5 Strikers

Part of being a Phantom Thief is learning to adapt to a wide variety of different circumstances and skillsets. This was why having confidants in the original Persona 5 was so important; it was from them that you learned skills you otherwise never would’ve. While it may just be you and your friends in Persona 5 Strikers, that doesn’t mean they’ve got any shortage of vital tricks to teach you. Here are the best Bond skills in Persona 5 Strikers.

Every time you level up your Bond level, you receive Bond points that can be spent in the Bond menu on the Pause Menu to unlock Bond Skills. Bond skills provide a variety of effects, mostly passive buffs and effects in combat, but some can also improve your general thieving capabilities. Of course, unless, you probably won’t have every skill unlocked by the end of the game. You just can’t get enough points unless you make a concentrated effort at it. Therefore, there are some skills you’ll definitely want to prioritize over others.

The Best Bond Skills in Persona 5 Strikers


Arguably the most important Bond skill, and the one you should unlock as soon as it’s available. Bondmaker increases the amount of Bond experience you get from winning in battle, which in turn will level up your Bond faster and get you more points.

Oracle Recovery

Health is one thing, but SP is always a rapidly dwindling resource in a Jail. This is why Oracle Recovery is nice; every time you win a fight, you’ll regain some health and, more importantly, some SP. The gain isn’t huge, but it’s just enough to keep you going a little longer before needing a breather.


Money makes the Metaverse go ‘round. Extortionist increases the amount of money you receive from winning fights, and trust me, you’ll want all that money for buying late-game equipment. That mess gets crazy expensive.

Smart Shopper

Speaking of money, you should always take advantage of the item sales in Sophia’s Shop when you’re between Jail runs. Smart Shopper both expands Sophia’s general inventory and increases the number of items that go on sale each visit. The only thing better than good medicine is discount good medicine.

Joker’s Wild

To keep up with Shadows gradually rising in strength, you’ll need stronger Personas, but Arsene can only take you so far. Joker’s Wild increases the rate at which enemies drop Persona masks, which makes it easier to recruit new Personas as you encounter them, and also provides more Persona Points for duplicate masks that you can use to enhance them.


When an enemy takes a swing at you, you can always dodge out of the way, but you should endeavor to be a little more productive than that. With Avenger, if you dodge an enemy’s attack with perfect timing, you’ll automatically perform a counter with a quick move at no health or SP cost.

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