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Are the Persona Games Connected to Each Other?

Should you play them all?
Persona 5 Royal Kasumi
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There’s no doubt that one of the biggest RPG titles to play right now, especially for Millennials and younger, is the Persona franchise. With its stylistic dialogue moments, immersive combat sequences, and overall deepened gameplay, there’s a lot to love.

And with the franchise popping up onto even more gaming platforms than before, most players are wondering the same thing, “are the Persona games connected to each other?” Well, it’s a little bit to explain, but luckily, we know exactly how this franchise works. So, let’s discuss!

Are the Persona Games Connected to Each Other?

When it comes to explaining how or if the Persona games are connected, it’s kind of a yes and no, depending on which games you’re specifically talking about. It’s best compared in a similar fashion to that of the Final Fantasy franchise. Though, these are definitely a bit tighter, in the sense that all of the game’s stories take place in the same world, even if not the same universe.

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Each game is its own story with little to no reference to events or characters from other games, save for a character popping up here or there, or the occasional spin-off game that gets thrown into the mix. But in the mainline games, they’ll all do their own thing, that just happens in the same world. It can also be compared to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and its gallery of superheroes. They all exist in the same world or in different dimensions, but it’s still the MCU.

But unlike Final Fantasy, none of this has really ever been confirmed. This is all speculation from what players have experienced from one game to the next. The Velvet Room has been a target for fan theories, as it’s still sort of an anomaly that hasn’t been fully uncovered that could be playing puppeteer in the background. It’s very similar to how Kingdom Heart’s Organization XIII, even after all of these years is still kind of mysterious.

So if you’re wondering whether or not you should start from the beginning in order to get the full picture, we’d say that you don’t have to. If anything, all you’re going to miss out on is some world-building, easter eggs, or maybe the occasional inside joke for players who have been through it all so far. You’ll have just as much fun starting at the end, as you would from the beginning.

Well, now you know all you need about whether or not all of the Persona games are actually connected! Be sure to check out some of our other helpful guides too, such as “Does Persona 5: Royal Include New Features/Content on the Switch/PC? Answered”. And like Gamer Journalist on Facebook to get all of our latest content!

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