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How to Kill Awakened God in Persona 5?

Put that Awakened God to sleep!
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Persona 5, a critically acclaimed title within a lengthy series of JRPGs, presents players with a myriad of challenges, including powerful enemies that stand in the way of your group’s goals of total societal reformation.

One of the most formidable and annoying enemies in the game is the Awakened God, a total menace to players that requires careful strategy and preparation to defeat. If you’ve been struggling to take down this annoying opponent, then don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out how to kill the Awakened God in Persona 5 once and for all!

How to Beat the Awakened God in Persona 5?

The Awakened God is far from the most difficult boss in the game, but it’s definitely no walk in the park either.

The Awakened God is considered by many players to be one of the most annoying enemies in the game, and it’s no wonder why. He has an extremely frustrating moveset and stays on the offensive the entire time.

If you want any chance of defeating him once and for all, you’ll need to not only memorize his infamous moveset, but you’ll also need to employ tactics to directly counter it.

There isn’t really any tried and true, definitive method to defeating the Awakened God in Persona 5, but there are a handful of tactics that players can employ to give them a better chance of winning. Try to keep these tactics in mind the next time you go to take on the Awakened God:

  • Awakened God’s set of skills includes Flash Bomb (Phy. + Dizzy), Brainjack (Brainwash), and Mapsio (Psy.).
    • Try setting up some major defensive buffs before the fight starts heating up, and make sure to bring items to cure confusion.
  • Make sure your level is anywhere between 15 to 18 before the fight.
  • The Awakened God is very weak to Wind and Nuclear.
    • Morgana has a Wind skill that’s extremely effective in this fight, in addition to Yusuke’s Nuclear skill.
  • Always be on the offensive.
    • If you give him even one opening, he’ll take advantage of it in a heartbeat, and you’ll never be able to get the upper hand.
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What is the Best Difficulty to Fight Awakened God On?

As previously mentioned, Awakened God is far from the most difficult enemy in the game, but that doesn’t mean he’s easy to take down.

The Awakened God is widely considered to be one of the most annoying adversaries in the game, which is why many players are hesitant to take him on while on Hard mode.

This enemy isn’t impossible to take down while on Hard mode, but he might as well be, especially if you’re on your first playthrough of the game.

For most players, especially if they’re new to the game, it’s best to fight Awakened God on Normal or Easy mode. This guy is already frustrating to fight as it is, don’t add any extra stress onto your playthrough by trying to beat him up on Hard mode.

Defeating the Awakened God in Persona 5 is an immensely frustrating but ultimately rewarding endeavor. He’s unfortunately a necessary evil that players have to put up with in order to progress, but at least you only have to fight him once!

The Awakened God is definitely one of the least popular features in Persona 5, but there are plenty of other positive in-game features that make up for it. Check out more of the Gamer Journalist’s content for Persona 5, like our How to Recruit Kasumi in Persona 5: Royal and What Does “Take Your Time” Mean in Persona 5.

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