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How to Recruit Kasumi in Persona 5: Royal

Kasumi is Best Girl. Don't @ Me.
Persona 5 Royal Kasumi
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It could be argued that Persona 5: Royal is the objectively better version of this massive JRPG. In addition to it receiving an entirely new finale, its shortlist of alterations made it a phenomenal re-release. In this bonus final chapter, which can only be unlocked by taking some very specific actions, we’re introduced to Kasumi Yoshizawa, who can join your team towards the end of the game. Here’s how to recruit Kasumi.

How to Recruit Kasumi in Persona 5: Royal

Immediately upon starting the story, Kasumi will make her presence known. And, while she’s involved in the plot we’re familiar with from the vanilla version, she doesn’t actually join the team until the very end. In order to guarantee that you’re not missing out on the final chapter, you’ll have to follow these steps.

For starters, you want to make sure you’re not ignoring the confidants for Maruki, Akechi, and, of course, Kasumi. In order to reach the new content, you’ll have to make it to the ninth rank in Maruki’s confidant (by November 18), the eighth rank in Akechi’s confidant (by November 18), and the fifth rank in Kasumi’s confidant (by December 18). It might sound easy, but there’s some things to keep in mind:

  • It’s OK to focus on Maruki’s confidant. There are no barriers preventing the player from getting where they need to be by the deadline.
  • Akechi is another story. Be sure that you’re leveling up your knowledge and charm. Both Rank 3 and Rank 7 have pre-requisites that you’ll have to meet before advancing.
  • Kasumi’s confidant is much like Maruki’s, so feel free to focus on her and get to Rank 5 ASAP.

Establishing a Dialogue

OK — so, presuming you’ve followed this guide, on November 20, you’ll receive a deal from Sae Nijima. It makes sense for you to outright reject this deal, so when given a choice, select ‘NEVER HEARD OF THEM.’ In the second dialogue option, be sure to pick ‘THERE WERE NO SUCH PEOPLE.’

Let’s fast-forward a bit more. On Christmas Eve (Dec. 24), you’ll be faced with yet another crucial choice. I won’t spoil who offers this choice. Just know that if the date is 12/24 and you’re given a choice between ‘I REFUSE’ and ‘VERY WELL …’ pick the first option.

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From here, beat the final boss like normal. But, where the original game ended shortly after this point, this version has a bonus third semester and new palace! As long as you followed this guide and have Maruki, Akechi, and Kasumi at their required ranks by the deadline, Kasumi should automatically join your party. Enjoy the following palace! It’s an especially epic experience!

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